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Oatmeal Scrubs : Homemade remedies

Here's is my cheap ass version of an oatmeal scrub.

First I buy the quaker oats from the supermarket, a big bag is like 2 dollars. then I put a whole bunch of the oats into the blender or food processor.

After it's like a powder, I put most of it away in a jar. I then take a small amount (like 2 tablespoons), and put it in a piece of cotton muslin, and tie it up with an elastic band.

I usually take a bath at this point and put the bundle in the bath with me.

(Alternately, you could put the bag in a bowl of hot water and do the same thing).

Manipulate the oatmeal inside the bag and squeeze it until a creamy substance comes from it. Spread this substance on your face. The muslin is a bit scratchy so you get a bit of exfoliation from that, and the oatmeal gets spread on your face. Leave it on until it dries on your face, I end up looking like a kabuki artist, hehe. Wash off.

The creamy oatmeal is called collodial oatmeal and is really expensive if you buy it from Aveeno. It is very healing to your skin and your skin becomes noticablely calmer the next morning. If someone tries this, please tell me how it goes :)

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you're right it doesn't really make the acne go away, but it does heal the skin a bit and make it less irritated. When I have acne it gets really itchy and I'm always trying to scratch around the pimples. Oatmeal baths are also used for other skin irritations like poison ivy and chicken pox.

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