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bad proteins!!!

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thin ebook makes some interesting claims i never heard before. personally i cant experiment with this diet (i am student at university, i eat for free on campus, dont have the means to follow this diet). i was wondering whether anyone is willing to make a sacrifice and experiment with this diet and post the results :-


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Dude I think this applies to 90% of us - its just too damn hard to follow that kind of diet and in my case the sacrifices invovled would outweigh the acne. Besides - as Dan was saying - there have been no recognised studies to even prove this theory.

I think if your acne is really bad then you should consider Accutane but if its only mild to moderate the regimen should sort it out.

Do a search for posts by a cat by the name of eff though. He swears a version of this diet has sorted him out and he seems like a genuine dude.

Hope this helps

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Yeah I wouldnt really listen to that book. People say food, sun, cold weather, stress, touching your face, sweating, hormones, and other things cause acne. If that is the case I guess i'll lock myself in my room for the rest of my life and eat lettuce. Yes there are things that cause acne, but the key is to sustain it your acne, not just get rid of current acne. But I personally believe that it's mainly hormonal. Everyone's body is different.

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