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moisturizer a necessity? making my face really oily!

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I am using on the spot during the day with neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin over it. my face is always oily looking now, even after i blot it. is there anyone who doesn't use a moisturizer and does fine? i can't stand this oily mess. thanks

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I guess if you think that your skin is really easy to get oily, then i dont think you need to use a lotion or mosturizer. Most people put them on is becuase they find out that after using bp, their skin have some peeling or flaking or too dry reaction.

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i have never heard of a person who could get away with the right dosage of bp without moisturizer/sunscreen under the sun. personally i have never used the moisturizer u talking about though, try eucerin with aha.

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i dont use moisturizer and infact ive got mild to moderate acne.. i use bP 5% in a water based gel (BENZAC AC 5) and i dont get any problemz now. =)

when it is really needed to moisturize i do.. and its just 3x or 4x a week..

hope this helps.

when your skin is oily u dont need to moisturize as long as u can stand on the regimen.

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Listen, I have a derm...and believe me, she isn't always right.....but she has said many times that you don't always need to wear a moisturizer, especially if you are naturally very oily. Don't know if I believe her, but I pretty much use moisturizer on an as needed basis.


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Why don't you use pure aloe vera gel as moisturizer? It'll keep your skin hydrated, control the oil and help to heal the acne. It is 100% oil free! Buy a bottled one in Health Store for practical reason but make sure you buy pure GEL, not aloe vera juice.

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