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tetracycline is an antibiotic, so it has normal antibiotic risks, however, since it is taken for the long term, it has two special risks(this goes for doxycycline too)

1) Super-infection; low but constant dosages of antibiotics will breed stronger, harder to kill bacteria.

2) There is a chance the beneficial bacteria in your intestines required for digestion may be harmed by the antibiotics, it is an oral drug after all.

I was on tetra and then doxycycline, the doxy was easier because you didnt have to take it so often, but neither did anything for me anyway.

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Tetracycline is an antibiotic indeed. It's an anti-inflammatoy too, so it's not bad to take that while you're sick. On the contrary, it'll treat your sickness ! Just be careful not to mix meds that don't fit with tetra...

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tetracycline is a short-term solution. i had a couple of rounds on it when i was a teenager, and it did kinda work for awhile. but my body developed a resistance to it like all the other oral drugs i've tried. it did have one weird side effect...when i had my wisdom teeth pulled (they were still underneath the gums), they were green! ...and my dentist asked if i had been on tetra before, because he sometimes sees that side effect....weird, huh? :-s

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