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Exercise, sweating, and face washing

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I've read in many places that overwashing one's face could aggrevate acne. I have moderate acne and I workout regularly. One of the things I worry about is the my sweat clogging up my pores. So what I do was my face with just water before I workout so that I can clear off the medications that I use in the morning. I think its safer to do that so the medications won't clog my pores. After working out, I was my face with my cleanser so that I can exfoliate the dead skin and sweat.

As of right now I was my face 4 times a day (once in the morning followed by medication, once before workout with just water, once with a cleanser after workout and shower, then one more time at night with my cleanser followed by medication). I seem to have breakouts still so I'm a bit concerned that I might be overwashing my face.

If I am overwashing my face, I wanted to find out if you guys have recommendations about how to protect my skin after a workout. What can I do to protect myself while not overwashing my face? Thanks for any help! smile.gif

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You may want to look into a mild moisturizer you can put on after washing your face after the workout. Or you could find something that helps with skin iritation, something that soothes the skin.

Aloe vera gel for example helps the skin start the healing process and it has moisturizing properties that penterate all 5 layers of the skin.

Or even a sun block that is mild and helps soothe the skin and protect it from irritation.

I know that after I work out my face feels extremely dirty, and nothing would stop me from getting that filthy feeling off my face.

The exfoliator I use though has moisturizers in it and my skin feels so soft after I use it and all day long that I don't worry about my skin getting irritated. I don't use any other moisturizer because my skin is softer and more acne free since I started using it than it has been in a very long time.

You may want to look into an exfoliator with moisturizers in it. I do, however only exfoliate once a day-at night.

Usually I only wash with plain water and buff gently with a towel after a workout.

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