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some guy #2

Hopefully some help with the regimen.

I just started the treatment and i have some questions about how much bp to use. I know alot but the video kinda confused me. Dan used one finger's full for just his mouth it seemed (or was i not paying attention). Do you need a finger full for each area or should 2 finger fulls be enough for you entire face? ALso, does bp bleach hair?

It is great to read about other people with acne. Everywhere i go i see nothing but clear skin. I used to think that i was the only person who had it till i stumbled across this site and forum. It really is a confidence and self esteem booster.

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If you're just staring, you should only use a very small amount to prevent burning and redness. As your skin gets used to the BP, you have to ramp up the amount you use. It really depends on how much of your face you use the regimen on. I used about a full finger for the lower area of my face, and a little less for the forehead because it doesn't absorb as well.

I'm not sure if BP bleaches hair, but I do know that it bleaches clothing.

Hope that helps... :-

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i am seven weeks into regiment and i use a finger full of 5% bp over my entire face. however i would say u should start with 2.5% bp, 1/2 finger over the face and eventually ramp it up to my dosage over a period of four weeks.

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I use 2 fingers 2.5% BP 4 my entire face. I have asian hair and yes it does bleech my hair a bit but only baby hairs on my hairline. it takes a lot of BP to bleech my hair...and it bleeches faster with 10% BP

It doesnt matter 2 me because i have highlights... the BP turns my hair a little dark red and my hair is naturally brownish red when im in the sun a lot...hmm, so I dont know if the BP is causing this or being out in the sun.

I think it depends on your hair color and your hair type.


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