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Should I stick with Benzamycin and Tazorac or use Neutrogena

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I've been using the Benzamycin and Tazorac topical gels, both prescribed by a dermatologist, with minimal results. I'm also taking Minoclycine tablets morning and night, and noticed that when I didn't take it, my pimples would appear bigger and stick out. The Benzamycin contains 3% erythromycin and 5% benzoyl peroxide, while the Tazorac contains 0.1% Tazarotene and 1% of Benzyl alcohol. I'd use just the Benzamycin in the morning and both Benzamycin and Tazorac at night and my skin would feel iritated and dry (wasn't using moisturizers). I was thinking of using the Neutrogena On The Spot Acne treatment because on the instructions for using the regimen, it said less irritation = clear skin, and the success stories I have read on it. I started the regimen yesterday with the Benzamycin and Tazorac, so I have no way of knowing if they would work well with the regimen.

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i never used them so dont know. but the philosophy behind these combo drugs is that the antibiotic kills most of the bacteria while the bp takes care of the ones that are resistant to antibiotic. last time i went to derm she prescribed the same stuff to me. i never got em though and stuck with the regimen.

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This present treatment feels Hard! Most irritating that Dan's I guess (because of the 5% BP dosage)

But Erythromycin and BP is a very good combo (I actualy use this). I think you would have better results if you make Dan's regimen by replacing BP by your actual treatment. You needs moisturizing and soft cleansing.

I don't know Tazorac.

If this actual treatment don't improve your skin in 2-3 weeks, try Dan's regimen!

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I started using the Neutrogena last night and today I can already notice some of my skin clearing up. I guess I'll stick with that.

I'm using Adidas Aftershave Balm for a moisturizer - It says that it won't clog pores and it's Dermatologist tested so I don't think it will cause any additional breakouts. Are there any major ingrediants that should not be in the moisturizer that could clog my pores?

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Benzamycin worked for me a year ago when I broke out with huge acne. Only thing I didn't like was that it made my face itch and burn really bad. Even after I washed it off a second time.

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