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Hey! school is starting next week and i really need advice... I have scars from pimples and i cover it with a concealer first and powder afterwards... I don't use foundation cause I want a more natural look...

Anyways, my problem is that my face gets oily later in the day.... and when i cover it with powder, it sometimes gets cakey... I tried using facial tissues and everytime I use it, I get worried about it smudging or rubbing off my concealer... Is there something else I could use to take off oil from my face and save my make-up? pls help! [-o<

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Try using oil-blotting papers. Clean & Clear makes some, Paula's Choice makes some and Shiseido makes some as well. Clean & Clear should be the most readily available. They are very thin papers and you simply blot the oil off your face. It doesn't remove much of the makeup, mostly just the oil itself. Hope that helps! :-

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Hi there,

Before I went on accutane I had the same exact problem, and summer weather only compounded it. My honest suggestion is that you get a t-zone oil controller and apply it before you put on any makeup. It's clear and is quickly absorbed by the skin so you can proceed as you normally would after that. The only one I found that really seemed to last all day is made by Clinique and costs around $16, it does last a very long time though. I hope this helps you out some.


by the way, when I had the same issue I found myself applying powder to often to try and matte my skin...... that just made it look much worse and heavily cakey

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