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hey guys.,..

ive been from my dermatologist and she said in two weeks im in BENZAC AC 5% and tetracycline twice a day acne would not clear up she would give me ro accutane,.. here is the trick:

20 mg three times a week so dat would make me take it for monday wednsday and friday at night only..

would dat take effect???

i need advices.. ro accutane is not cheap for me. :-#

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Hummm... I hope your derm told you to wait before taking Roaccutane after your tetracycline treatment... Because cyclines and Roaccutane MUST NOT be mixed! [-X

IT'S VERY IMPORTANT!!! Don't take roaccutane today if you were under tetracycline yesterday!!!!

I've heard about great improvement with low dosage... like 20mg. Personaly, my acne was hard and a Roaccutane cure at 60mg for 5 month failed... I don't advice this dosage to anyone. :-

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thx u replied. i think ur a good help. anyway my derm told me to be back to her 2 weeks from now. so maybe i should try tetracycline. my only problem right now is my old cystic acne that turned to blue-green-black color maybe this is the macule u guys are talking about. how would i get rid of this? i got about 3 now. it came when i used the BP. when the cysts flattened these blood formation underneath my skin formed. i want to get rid of them but i dont know how. maybe someone would shed some advices. gloput ur nice u replied. =)



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