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I NEED REAL REPLIES . . . pleeze

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Ive been on the regimen for 2weeks now.. these are wat ive got :

(anyway thanx to DAN ur a great guy im passing ur site to fellow filipinos here) =D>

-AM- and -PM-

cetaphil antibacterial bar

BENZAC AC 5% (since there's no BENZAC 1/2 in manila i guess msg me if there is)

moisturiser ( i also need help w/c is better cetaphil moisturising cream with spf15 or the lotion type?)

these are wat happend:

i peeled off but now its ok

i got about 4 small cysts but thats all i got. the other old blemishes are out

ive got small whiteheads i can get from a tool i use to push out acne.

the question is :

1. What is the best moisturiser i can use that is available here in the philippines? help me please

2. What is the best thing to do with cysts that are coming out now? im horrified it hurts when i touch them... :- im thinking of going to antibiotics.. help me.. plz..

3. How long wud be the peeling? #-o ] i peel now but its just mild and unnoticeable even without the moisturiser..

4. wud a person's face on BP wud go back to wyt? im wyt skinnd.

any replies wud be appreciated .. i need help and support..im 19 from the philippines. 5'9 135 lbs fair



Co-asians hi! =)

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The key to the regimen is patience. It generally takes a couple of months to really clear your face. It took me three months. My advice would be to just not even mess with the cysts that are still there. Just be patient... stick with it and your face will clear up. As for the moisturizer, I don't know what products are available in the philippines... cause I don't live there. but over here in the states, I use Eucerine Q-10 anti wrinkle moisturizer with SPF 15 and I love it. Hope this was some help! Hang in there :-


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Leave the cysts alone, and you may want to also post in the international issues section bcs I've never been to the Phillipines, either. However, if you would like to send me a ticket I will be more that happy to go shopping with you. :)

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cortosine iinjections only help temporarily. They calm down the cysts, dont actually get rid of them. So if you get an c. injection it will only help for a few hours and the cyst will spring up again. The only reason people even use them is for special occasions. For instance if you have a big date or a job interview and you badly must get rid of a cyst or pimple, the injection is pretty much designed just for that. Unless of course you'd like to spend 100$ every three hours. =)

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here cortisone injections cost 6 dollars per 9 shots. what i do is to push out the pus after 2 days. the pus goes out fully without any formed blood!.. =) that way less scarring and not that seen by people. sometimes that is not adviseable too.

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cool! another filipino. i haven't started the regimen but i'll try it. i'm under tea tree oil soap and clindamycin right now but clin is not clearing up my face. so i might avail of bp.

dilemma: PANOXYL or BENZAC? I haven't seen any 2.5% of Benzac here and there's one for PANOXYL but I've been hearing bad stuff about PANOXYL so I'm a little hesitant of buying it.


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filipinos! yea, i'm filipino! how's the terrorism over there? last time i went, was when i was 7. i hear of all this crazy shit happening there. bad stuff. putang ina mo! no, just kidding!

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