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If I literly only get acne on my forehead and no where else is there a reason for this? I mean I dont get acne anywhere else on my face, but just the forehead...I tried switching from a glue to a wax....hopefully that helps....

however, I find when I just dont treat my forehead at all...I get the best results....like when I go on vacation or forget about my forehead acne....

is there merit to good old mother nature, and letting nature take its course?

Just curious if anyone else has this problem.....

P.S. I use proactiv on my forehead only....it is kinda helping...but not as much as i would like :-k

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I've read the sebaceous glands are really centralized in the head/neck/upper trunk area of the body, so your getting them at "ground zero" of oil production.

In my experience, forehead acne is almost entirely environmental, altho hormones can impede healing time. I get zits around the hairline if I get really sweaty/dirty or am using some sort of hair product that's melted down my head. Switching your hair stuff is the 1st thing to do =D>

why is your skin better on vacay??? Everyone says this, so it must be some sort of indication that we need MORE VACATIONS. It's really the only solution. You should get busy working on this for me right now. :-


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