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hey guys

i've been on doxcycline antibiotics for nearly 2 months and it's clearing up the mild -moderate acne i have on my forhead (i tend to get loads of whiteheads and blackheads there) HOWEVER, hearing from alot of people on the board, it seems to be temporary and the acne tends to come back. I also hear that alot of people get break outs in areas they never did before when they're on antibiotics. For me, that would be my back and chest!!! I've been taking homeopathic supplements which is used to treat my internal emotions as well as my acne. Not that my skin is relatively clear, my homeopathic doctor suggests that i go off antibiotics-to prevent further breakouts on my chest and back. and he seems confident that the homeopathic supplements will prevent the acen coming back from my forehead. But i'm very worried that if i go off antibiotics, my acne on my face will come bacl, but i dont' want further breakouts on my back or chest!!! i know i'll have to come off it eventually. Is it the sooner the better?? i m confused and stuck with what to do!!! aHHHHHHn any suggestions??? thanks

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before I share my thoughts, I am a yoga teacher, bipolar, and a smoker. Contradiction, thou art female..right? :- Any way my point is, I think the problem is you are mixing eastern & western medical philosophies. I do the same, and it is hard to reach a consensus as both schools are going in 2 different directions. Neither is any better, but finding a balance is tough.

Western medicine is agressive i.e. chemo, surgery, antibiotics, vaccines.

Eastern {holistic} medicine in nurturing i.e. massage, diet, colonics,

Of COURSE your holistic guy will tell you the antibiotics are lame. They kill stomach bacteria, which can be unhealthy.

But then again....do you have enough trust to rely on his supplements alone?

Even IF western medicine is harsh....if I had cancer, I'd do chemo. It's easier to have faith in it even if it is expensive, patriarchal, and invasive.

One day I pray my yoga will heal all my ails, and that of my students, but until then, I shall apply my bp & take my bcp's.

But personally, my experience w/ antibiotics & acne has been extensive & mixed....so......I've probably just been more confusing, huh?

whoops! Namaste'

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First of all, it is possible to combine treatments. I do. I have studied this extensively and I have a list of vitamins and etc. that I take each day. I follow a specific diet which I have made with the help of a healthfood store owner certified in supplements and all that jazz. I also take antibiotics, and they do work. The problem is, your body becomes to resisant to all antibiotics after a certain period of time. This is when different strains of acne appear in old places, or new acne appears in previously clear places. In order to combat this, you should develop a relationship with your dermatologist where you can communicate your progress and concerns. When an antibiotic seems to lose effectiveness, you can switch to another one to maintain your skin. There are many, many out there. Good luck!

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