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How long do whiteheads and pustules generally last?

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The only types of acne i ever get are whiteheads and pustules. Whiteheads for me generally arent too bad b/c they are so small and I barely notice them, but pustules on the other hand are different. Some of em get a fair size (not huge but quite noticable) and I have tried to let them die down over time (i think the longest I have gone is like a week and a half with one) but they are so ugly that I always end up getting rid of them, which generally leaves me with a red mark. Can anyone tell me how long these generally last? Thanks

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What do u mean when you say you always end up getting rid of them ? My experience is that they usually hang around for a week or so then leave a red mark.


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in my case some of the cystic whitehead go out for 2 days i can push them out thru a tool i bought. then when blood comes out it wud dry in 4 days and peel off and nothing.. =)

jsut remembr when u pop be sure its poppable and use alcohol and cotton balls and or hydrogen peroxide..


hi co- asians msg me .=)

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actually there are not exact time for the whtieheads to leave.

Some might leave in few days, but some can last for months. :-s

The ones that lasts for months , i will just try to pop it., becuase it wont scar.

But what I find out now is Pimples are not the hardest thing you need to battle with, the hardest is the red and brown marks that lasts for months and months to go away or perhaps not even going to go away. [-(

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