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Recommend a moisturizer without SPF?

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I'm using Neutrogena Moisture with SPF as my moisturizer along with the regimen, however I was looking for a moisturizer without SPF for use at night. All the recommended moisturizers in the regimen contain SPF.

Can anyone recommend one thats safe to use with this regimen without SPF?


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I dont understand why you wouldnt want a sunscreen in your lotion. For me personally I blame the sun for causing my acne. I treated my skin with BP with no results until I put SPF 15 on my face. But I would recommend a lotion made by Mary Kay called TimeWise which is thicker than other SPF lotions and is non-comedogenic, oil free, and wont clog pores. It moisturizers much better than the thin SPF 15 lotions, but I need the sunscreen. Hope this helps.

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changbanger, the reason he doesn't want an SPF is because it's for use at night! :-

I like Neutrogena Moisture for sensitive skin. AHAs are also a good idea, as Shatangi mentioned - although you have to get something that has a pH of between 3 and 4 if you want it to actually exfoliate - go to www.cosmeticscop.com for recommendations.

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yeah I use an spf moisturizer in the day time but just didn't want to use spf at night.

I was thinking to try the Eucerin with AHA but we can't get that over here in Australia. But I can't say I've had all that much luck with AHAs, it always seems to make me break out in whiteheads and tiny bumps!

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