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First off let me say I've tried multiple treatments for my acne, with little to no avail, and basically my only option left is accutane, which is in essense not an option for me anyway. Mainly due to the fact that I don't think my acne is severe enough to warrent it, and many people say they've experienced huge initial breakouts upon starting an accutane regimen, which I really don't think I have the mental stability to deal with at this point in time.

So in light of these facts, I have to believe that my acne can be cured, or at least lessened to a large extent by physical factors, such as eating or types of material that touch my skin. Because if I don't get some kind of hope I'm doomed.

With regard to this, I've tried taking different temperatured showers, using different material for sheets/pillowcases, eating different foods, trying different varieties of exercize, I even have such outlandish theories as eliminating flourescent light or halogen light as much as possible, though these might not be as crazy as you might think.

I have to believe that the cause of acne stems from a combination of genetics (What we can't control) and environment (What we can control), and I have to believe that I can make a difference through such things as diet, exercize, and other environmental factors.

Anyone else share this outlook?

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Roaccutane cause initial breakouts while 2 weeks. If you can bear that you will see great improvement after.

did you Try Dan's Regimen or Salicylic acid or both?

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Yeah i was thinking about this the other day actually. The hardest thing about acne is the not knowing what exactly is causing it. How can you fight something without knowing what its tactics are. Thats why most of us end up treating rather than curing our acne whilst remaining in search of the cause - maybe diet, dirty pillows, stress etc etc so we can get on a beat it.

Anyway good luck :-


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Argh, I know exactly how you feel, i KNOW what's causing my Acne but I have so much trouble stopping those sources! Eating right, excercising, NOT TOUCHING, all cause me a lot of problems, it's been getting better lately though...

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