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"Gentle" may be the key

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Hi my name is maylin... I've been reading in and researching a lot how to clear up my face. And acne.org has helped me a lot in my decisions on product buys. Well last year I found a product that cleared up my face.. it was clearasil 3 in 1, i used it once in the morn and once at night.. i was kinda amazed for a cleanser to just clear up my acne.. and you know what? At that time I was working at walmart, and only that walmart sold that... it had to be the 3 in 1 too because i've tried other clearasil products and they didn't work for me... Well one day they stopped selling it.. and i didn't use it for a while and had to switch to another cleanser. Guess what? I started breaking out, man i wasn't happie... I didn't know what to do. I broke out horridly.. especially on my forehead and on my cheeks..

Anyways... Like in January or Feb. or was it March I bought Clean and clear products

clean and clear advantage cleanser with salicylic acid 2.0%

Clean and clear persa gel 10% benzoyl peroxide

clean and clear dual action moisturizer with salicylic acid I believe .05%??

I think i was going full throttle with the topical medications..

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Anyway.. I didn't want to put too much in one because you'll get tired of reading.

For the clean and clear products, it did clear my skin up... BUT it seriously dried up my skin and the moisturizer totally did not help at all.. when i wored my make up on and went to work MANNN.... I felt like i was wearing a mask on, and you know I couldn't even smile... GOSH it was horrible ..

Well... my clean and clear advantage cleanser ran out.. i decided to change cleanser so maybe the dryness would go away... instead I started breaking out a gain, this time worse... Gawd I sure have some luck.. I did pick on a cyst on my forehead and guess what? it was nasty...(im glad its gone now but back to what i was saying) I decided to use these pore cleansing pads with salicylic acid by clearasil CRAP my mistake, I put on so much that i burn the crap out of that spot.. That really depressed me.. my forehead/ skin was looking like crap...

My skin really interfere a lot with my social life, school, and work.. it caused me to quit my job...

Well continue on with what i was doing with my skin...

Well clean and clear didn't work for me no more.. and i think i became immune to benzoyl peroxide too..

So i did some research and i thought about when i went swimming in the summer my skin always got better from being in the sun.. well guess what i tried?

indoor tan.....Another mistake

At first i thought i looked better with a tan, so i continued tanning...

the thing is tanning made me look better, but it didnt help any with my skin

well one day ... i accidently tanned with my makeup on..

(they have a tan bed where you turn off the face part.. but i push the wrong button and i was scared if i took of the cloth on my face my eyes would burn.. gosh......... ) I totally irritated my skin... I ended up getting a lot of pimples on the side of my cheeks.. never had before i got any on the side of my cheeks..

I'm still not positively sure if it was the tanning or stress form a new job, bf, and diet... but i think the tanning also had something to do with my acne getting worse because.. it wasn't as bad before i tanned..

well i quit that whole tanning shit totally....

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Hi there biggrin.gif

Wow sounds like you've been through quite a bit in your quest for a treatment. I can relate. I've tried it all as well. Funny though, I find tanning in moderation is AWSOME for my skin. I make sure never to burn though. But everyone is different...

Anyway, have you tried using a product called Hibiclens anitibacterial cleanser? I think it would work great for you. Many people are having success with it. Also, as a topic medication, have you considered trying out Neosporin creme? That stuff is amazing. Check out those threads under "over the counter medications". Best wishes


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Anyways some of the product brands i've tried since i was like 14 or 15

(what i say about the products are my experience with it.. but it may work for others.. because everyones skin is different..)

Serious Skin Care

Peter Thomas Roth

Exuviance by Neostrata (their products are gentle and smells nice if u like mango and vanilla)

Murad(This stuff made me look grey and 10 years older : ()

D'Arcy Drying lotion


Joey New York (they have a almond scrub that is really nice.. and it does help skin, i only return because i wanted to try something else and.. well i'll tell you more if u have questions about it)


Clean and Clear


St.Ives Apricot scrub.. Man am i stupid i used it as if it was a cleanser day and night

Loreal Pure Zone Toner.. felt great, did crap for my skin

MD Formulations.. I think i didn't use this long enough to see results but their glycare acne gel didn't work too much for me.. nor the VitA

Purpose cleanser the bar

Panoxyl (i think thats how you spell it)

Oxy Bp 10% i think the max cream or the vanishing... don't remember

Yonka (expensive stuff...)

Lancome and Estee Lauder



anyway i can't think of anymore right now

Well AFTER TRYING so many products... my sister told me

maybe if i didn't care too much...

that gave me an idea... I'm gonna use products that are less harsh and irritant.. so i decided to go to sephora and do some searching.. btw i've spent quite a bit of money.. i've even tried microdermabrasion.. but we can get to that subject later..

Oh Yeah i also use the site Helpful reviews on products.. thats a good site where a bunch of people put reviews on the products they've bought..

So on the gentle thing... my skin hasnt cleared up.... but it is getting better.

Slowly but gently..

I have lots of scars from picking.. acne.. and harsh skincare products... so now i decided to be more gentle

What i use now is

Caudalie Foaming Cleanser (you have to massage really lightly on your skin)

this cleanser is made up of grape seed extracts and has anti aging ingredients in it

(i dislike the smell, but i think i've gotten use to it)

The only harsh product i use is DDF Glycolic 10%gel (it also has salicylic acid in it)

i learned that ur skin can get worse with glycolic acid.. mine did but it stopped, seems like its starting to heal now.. slowly but i really don't want fast results like before and explode into something horrid.. i'm just gonna be patient..

and then for during the day i use this product called

Korres Pomegranate Balancing moisturiser

This is from Greece... I read a lot of good reviews on makeup alley so i got this.. i also read on Korres website that mandarin moisturiser is good for acne prone skin.. i will try this later but this doesn't cause me to break out so i use this (it's nice)

OH YEAH Spf sometimes break me out and ppl say that u should use a spf15 or higher when using glycolic acid.. but yeah i only do with this it has spf6... but i say its better than nothin cause my skin doesnt like spf..

And last of all at night i use DECLEOR Ylang Ylang night balm (citrusy smell, i like, you may not) but anyway this calms your skin at night.. you only use very little of this product... like that one saying.. a little goes a long way..

You guys don't have to change anything because of what i say.. but don't be harsh on your skin..and the less irritant the better..

OH ... one thing i taught for my sister is not to use any acne products... because once you are on it it's like a drug you can't get off it ... and you can't even quit because things get worse...

And my sister has really clear skin... I don't want her to go through what i go..

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Oh i want to put some more info on the products that i use.. on my regimen..

usually after i finish cleansing i always wait for like 5-15 mins then i apply my ddf 10% gel.. sometimes i only use it once a day (the ddf10% gel) because it can be irritating used too much.. but anyways after like 10 mins i would put moisturiser on but very little...

BTW I have combination/oily and dry in some spots, acne prone skin.. so i don't know if this will help the dry folks

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I really feel good to be able to share stuff like this.. because i really don't know how to share it with others especially when they don't know how much acne can interfere with much of our lives.

Ok imma tell you what i use for makeup

MAC Studio Fix

and clinique city (something) concealer.. (not bad.. doesnt cause breakouts)

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I dodn't see how putting all that SA and BP on your skin is gentle.

I don't put alot of SA and BP,

that was the past and a bad mistake too

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I dodn't see how putting all that SA and BP on your skin is gentle.

I don't put alot of SA and BP,

that was the past and a bad mistake too

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Anyways, had such a horrible night.. with my ex... I really don't want to be in any kind of relationship...

This morning there really isn't much difference in my face, the pimples are getting smaller and the redness is fading.. but it's a mere improvment... at least i'm not so irritated, overly dry or anything...

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Tonight i'm gonna try using my D'arcy drying lotion...

I've only use this a couple times in the past.. but not sure if it works.. I hope it helps.

Has anyone ever tried this lotion before?? eusa_doh.gif

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Woke up with itchy skin...

i shouldn't have put on that drying lotion...

can it just be temp?!! or should i cont. using it?

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i'm gonna try using spring water now to see if it makes a difference.

Does anybody know?

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i just tried a new cleanser tonite.. it's the neutrogena anti wrinkle anti blemish cleanser.. with .05% salicylic acid and AHA

I hope this does something..

I'm switching this around with my caudalie cleanser w/ grape seed extracts

and for treatment i use the ddf 10% Gel

ylang ylang night balm (only for night)

yesterday when i used the drying lotion.. it caused me to itch a lot.. im not using that no more

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today i went to sephora to switch out my cleanser for the blemish foaming cleanser. and the SA told me that i have to be consistent and use my cleanser mostly on parts that have breakouts because i don't want to irritate other parts of my skin.

anyway this is my regimen


ddf blemish foaming cleanser user posted image


Decleor ylang ylang oil user posted image


ddf 10% exfoliating gel user posted image

last of all moisturise (because this has spf, only for morning use)

korres pomegranade balancing moisturiser user posted image


anyways if you are not irritant to salicylic acid and glycolic acid then this might be a good regimen for you...

my regimen isn't the most gentle, but it is gentle for me... at first i was gonna do all the way gentle, but it wasn't killing them acne so i'm going a little stronger..

hope this help someone

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wow the decleor ylang ylang stuff are great

they are calming and have faded some of my acne or at least made them flatter and smaller. biggrin.gif

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Hey, good luck on your regimen, but if it doesnt work, go for klaron-its a prescription and can be expensive without insurance, but the bottle is big and would probably last for months, but good luck with everything. By the way, your skin looks quite amazing. I wouldnt worry ab it if I were u.

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