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Accutane and sunburning!!

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Hey all, i've been on accutane for 4 months now, and it's working pretty well...but that's not my point...it's getting to be summer now (and it's hella sunny and hot where I live) I"m fair skinned and freckled and burn kinda easily even w/o the accutane. (at least for awhile before I get some color on me) and I'm also a lifeguard (go figure huh). I've noticed that even when I drive from school (20 min commute) to home in the afternoon I get pink from the sun!!! the doctor gave me spf 50 for my face and told me to use 45 on my body...but i'm afraid of what's gonna happen when I'm out in the direct sun. Cause I took a road trip and put on sunscreen every 30 mins and still got burned! (not a horrible peeling burn, but I was pink the night of, but by morning it was pretty much gone. ) I start work at the pool in a lilttle less than 2 weeks, so I was wondering if any other fair skinned accutane users could help me out and tell me any tips besides just putting on sunscreen every freaking 20 mins or something. (thankfully we have a break every 30 mins at the pool for 15 mins inside...so I can actually re apply every 30 mins....) any help is much appreciated! thanks!

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i know how ya feel...im white as a ghost, i was at a west catholic track tournament (got 1st in 1 mile relay) and i was in the sun for awhile on accutane and i was burned so bad i havnt been able to recover the whole way because its so sunny. Been wearin spf 50 and puttin on aloe vera (awesome stuff) that helps heal your face. I wish the best of luck to you. Hope all goes well,


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