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Natural Benzoyl Peroxide Alternative

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If you're like me and your skin is just too sensative to Benzoyl Peroxide there is a natural aternative that will also kill the acne bacteria and actually helps help your skin from cuts and burns instead of causing dryness and irritation.

Tea Tree Oil. Melaleuca alternifolia, or Australian tea tree oil as it is more commonly known, is a native Australian plant with many remarkable properties. When crushed and distilled, the leaves of this plant yield a 100% natural oil which is an antiseptic, a fungicide, and a mild solvent. This is the ULTIMATE BENZOYLE PEROXIDE ALTERNATIVE!

Tea Tree Oil is very powerful and should be diluted when used. I usually place one to two drops in a dime sized amount of aloe vera gel and use it for a face wash at nights.

Aloe vera gel is a very good base for acne or oily skin products because it is very soothing and moisturizing to the skin, helps speed up the healing process of acne as well as new skin cell production (skin rejuvination). It penetrates all five layers of the skin and benefits every facet of skin development.

It is also very mild and will not clog pores or make the skin oily. It actually has enzymes in it that attatch to dead skin cells and dissolves them effectively promoting irritation-free exfolitaion.

Anyway-just something to look in to if you are interested.

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You can dilute the tea tree oil with whatever you want. I just recommend aloe vera gel because of it's wonderful skin healing and moisturizing properties.

It's also very mild which makes it perfect for sensative skin.

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