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Advice on speed healing a zit?

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Have a date tonight - and need advice on speed healing a zit.

Or if anyone has any advice on how to cover it up/ make it less noticeable.

It's a pretty nice sized cyst underneath my left eye. I've had it for a few days now and have been using Queen Helenes Mint Julep mask on it every night (overnight) to try and shrink it but I've seen minimal results.

Today it looks as red as it ever has ](*,) .

Any advice is greatly appreciated. [-o<

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What's TCP?

I went and tanned (I know, I know it's bad for you) but my face is now red and the zit is less noticeable.

As far as drinking water goes - I drink anywhere from 6-10 16 oz cups of water each and every day.

Has anyone tried Visine? Supposedly it "gets the red out" of the zit - making it less noticeable.

Anyway, I'm going to put some aloe moisturizer on my face now and I think I'll put a little neosporin on the zit for a couple of hours.

Then I'll wash and try a little visine. Not much lse I can do as my date is in 3 hours.

Unless anybody else has any other suggestions? [-o<

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Oh...hopefully you can still read this before the date [-o< , BUT....try to compress your zits with ice cube to reduce the swolen and soothes the itch immediately. Rub the ice cube gently over the affected area. Do not do this for longer than 10 minutes at a time, and not too often, or you may get a frostbite. If you don't have ice cube, try cold (I mean very very cold) tea bag instead. If they are still red THEN use visine.

GOOD LUCK on your date! O:) (let me know the result)

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