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hey y'all,

has anyne ever had a really BAD experience with this, cause im doing it!

my back is pretty scarring, and i do have some raised scarring that i am geting injections into. but honestly, one good ake in the sun might serioulsy improve my skin ALOT!

i have tan skn and there is no chance of me burning badly. i can lay in the sun for hours and ill just tan and tan and tan (my face meaning) and the sun has proven a friend to my face ( i have SEVERE cystic acne all over my back and my face is EXTREMELY clear)

i know the sun can cause skin cancer, wronkles etc. but honestly, its worth it to end this problem now. this is my youth damn it!

my dad had the same problem as me and he says the sun was the only thing that ever helped his skin. the only thing im worried about is if it will effect my raised scas at all. they are what bother me most, and i dont want the sun to reverse and effects the cortisone might have on them.

sun??? anyone??

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sun can cause skin cancer,

AFAIK, skin cancer can kill

and if ur dead, then who's gonna care what your skin looks like?

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From what I have read (see The Wrinkle Cure for an example) sun exposure is detrimental to skin and acne. It depletes the skin of essential anti-oxidants which help to heal the skin. I don't think it's a good idea. I'd probably look into the non-ablative laser SmoothBeam before going into the sun.

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go here


and check out the gallery for back acne.

Maybe you shuld look into that

go to patient then click provider search

and find a smoothbeam doctor near you

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you can always put major sunblock on your face and hear a hat and shit, and just tan your back part with the acne. i'm sure the uv's not healthy of course, but what's another cheap alternative? my mom also did this when she was younger.

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