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Back Acne....help!

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haha. ive been dealing with this for YEARS! if its just minor blemishes and zits and stuff, try this;

body wash- neatrogena body clear or oxy has one too

wash your body AFTER you condition your hair. conditioner is back acne's satan!

Put a bp on at night and just make sure you wear something white (bp bleaches!)

if its severe i would get on a prescription NOW! you dont want scars like me later! i like erythrombycin and im on minocycline now, but not really liking it!

also, your dr. can presribe you a prescription body wash. I use bp 8%. it lasts awhile and seems to be doing its job! i hope this may help you! feel free to ask me anything! good luck!

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Bacne is a royal pain in the ass. I've been fighting it for the past couple of years.

A few suggestions:

1) Don't use dryer sheets to soften your clothes (they work by basically depositing chemicals on your clothes - these chemicals can cause irritation leading to breakouts).

2) Use allergen fighting laundry detergents

3) Sleep with no shirt on

4) Use one of those buff-puff things to gently exfoliate your back when you shower

5) Experiment with different cleansers until you see results - I used every "acne fighting" body wash there is and had no luck. Finally I started using Head and Shoulders to clean my back (contains zinc - an anti-inflammatory) and my back got much clearer.

I do all of the above and I've gotten about a 60-70% reduction in my bacne but I still get some.

Personally I would stay away from antibiotics as they usually do more harm than good and are only a short term solution.

Maybe consider smoothbeam treatments for your back.

Hope this helps.

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