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hey for like back acne n'stuff...

I hear some people use a wash that contains 2% salicyclic acid in it......but then I saw this product ...called Oxy 10...that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide in it....I'm thinking that might be a bit strong.....and if it gets in your eyes........byebye eyes....

Anyone used the 10% BP wash before?

Or the salicyclic 2% wash?

which is better?

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im the queen of back acne (hahaha im not that proud!)

I've been using neutrogena acne body scrub for years. I like the scrub. Im a girl and like the exfoliation and what not. I heard oxy is damn good too actually.

I also have a prescription for a bp body wash fromn my doctor. Its 8%. it works i guess. I have scarring so i feel like it doenst, but it really does, i dont get too many new breakouts. This stuff lasts a long time too, in my opinion its worth it if you have health insurance and it will cover a pecentage of the perscription costs.

I also just ordered a "body spray" from clinique that supposed to help chest/back acne. It should be here soon! ill keep you updated!

Good luck!!!

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nah! try it. back skin is usually tougher and doesnt act as sensitive as the face. if too much drying redness peeling occurs i would stop, but i really think youll be okay!

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I use that Oxy 10% wash on my back and it is awesome!

It would definitely be too strong for your face, but for the tough skin on your back, it's great.

You have nothing to lose. Give it a try. :-

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