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My face is all covered with whiteheads (or is it closed comedones it is called?). I cannot use BP because it only makes me break out. I'm currently using M.D. Facial Lotion II (15% glycolic acid) on my face daily. I believe it was my old moisturizer that caused this major eruption of whiteheads, because I haven't got any new ones after changing.

Does anyone have a good solution to quickly get rid of them? Will they go away in time or will I have to do something about them?

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Hey, i've got the same problem. Kind of anyway. I have just recently broken out a little more that i useto. Because of this new foundation that i got that i thought was oil free but wasn't. So now i have to wait till i get over it. I'm not sure what to do about them. Because there ugly aren't they. And they say not to touch your face but it just makes me paranoid that people can see it and think-how ugly are you- But i'm doing pretty good as not touching my face. I know that it'll only last a little while if i don't touch it. So i'm trying to think good about what's happening.

And about the moisturizer. Use Shesido oil free moisterizer it works better than any i've ever tried. It will not cause breakouts. All the other moisterizers that i've tried still made me look really oily in the middle of the day and i hated it. I'm back using Shesido and i'm cool with it. You know what's good for whiteheads is to spot treat them. They dry out and you can sort of wipe them away carefully when they dry up enough.

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