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Phenol Peels??? has anyone done it??

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hello peple,

I have mild-moderate acne scars and I've tried different treatments such as tca peels, dermabrassion, cool touch peel, etc. etc. Nothing has worked out so far. So I've been doing some research about PHENOL peels and they seem to work better and have more everlasting results. So has anyone tried this? or know of a friend who has undergone this procedure?? What are the results? what are the side effects??

What carries more risk: a full 50% TCA peel or a PHENOL peel . Eventhough i've done some research about it, it's a little hard to find imformation about PHENOL peels. I mean, most of the websites i've looked up only talk in general terms. They just mention that it's the strongest chemicla peel available in the market and they don't even show you before/after pics of real patients. Furthermore, I've called about 8 plastic surgeons and 10 dermatologists in my city and none of them perform that procedure. When i talked on the phone to some of the doctors's assistants/estheticians, they didn't even know what a PHENOL PEEL IS! they were like "a PHE... what?" or "I've never heard such a thing" . So why many doctors don't perform that type of procedure?? Are they too scared? is it too risky???

So i would really appreciate if someone answers my questions.

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I did a full face phenol peel in 1988. It was drastic. I've been told that they don't do it anymore. It was barbaric. My head swelled up like a basketball. I wore bandages for a couple of days and then they peeled that off. Then my face scabbed over entirely. After about one-two weeks, it peeled off in sheets to an entirely pink face. Eventually it went back to normal color but I'm not sure I had any scar improvement. I wouldn't do it again.

Recently, when I went to my plastic surgeon, they had before and after pictures of a lady with vertical lip lines (between top lip and nose)--the lines were completely eliminated with a phenol peel. So I know there is some phenol peeling going on for some purposes anyway.

If you get a treatement that invasive, you want to get someone who has experience and does a lot of that particular procedure. Best Wishes.

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on a different post someone mentioned that a doc was performing 'Phenol cross' as well as TCA cross and found they were getting good results with it. I think it was the username Meet Pete who contacted his doc/derm and thats what the reply was

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Search "exoderm" - that is what they call the phenol peel you are referring to. An expert doctor for this is (allegedly) Dr. Rullan in California. A poster named Sugarpaw had this done a few years ago. Again, you will find all the info you need on this site if you search "EXODERM". Good luck and Cheers!

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