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Pimple or cyst?

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Ok, I am pretty sure I have never had a cyst but I am not really sure how u differentiate btwn a pimple and a cyst. A few days ago a few things broke out on my face which I think are pimples but I'm not sure b/c until late I havent really paid attention until as of late. Now, do all pimples turn itno whiteheads or do a lot of em just go away over time? I know many of mine, actually, practically all up to this point that i can remember have become whiteheads (which sucks) but do some pimples just become a bump on your face and go away over time?

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yep. Classically a cyst is an accumulation of sebum deep in the skin. There's a little more to it, but I'm only on my first Redbull. A pimple is where there is infection, a whitehead is a sebum/skin cell plug. In my opinion, anything can turn into a pimple, especially if you pick awhile :- getting that gunk all nice & infected. Whiteheads don't hurt, but cysts REALLY CAN, and pimples generally do.

And then I've had the random hard, red cyst/bump w/o any pain that either does go away or changes into someting more insidious :)

check out dermadoctor.com. lots of answers for you, sparky!

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