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How long will Ortho Tri Cyclen take?

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I started taking ortho tri cyclen a few weeks ago to help with my acne. My face is actually broken out pretty bad at this point. But I was just curious, how long does it usually take to start getting your hormones regulated?


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Um, I was on Ortho Tri-cyclen for six months and it did JACK.

I'm on Ortho-cyclen and my face cleared in two weeks along w/ the regimen.

When you use bcp's for acne you have to look at the hormonal influence. When we girls break out hormonally it's bcs of the androgens stimulating the sebaceous glands and causing the cells around the pores/follicles to become "stickier". To combat this you need a bcp w/ a moderate estrogen level, a moderate to low progestin level, and low to NO androgenic activity

Ortho tri cyclen is pumped up to be the anti-acne bcp bcs its been TESTED to be the anti-acne bcp. But it's low on estrogen.

My derm suggested Desogen or Demulen, two really OLD bcp's {like 20 years} but they have moderate to high estrogen.

But!!!!!!!!!!Too much estrogen can cause headaches, weight gain, etc.

check out fpnotebook.com under contraceptives. It's a great site for breaking down most of the bcp's on the market along w/ contraindications.


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