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50% TCA cross experiment

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I don't think 25% TCA CROSS is going to do much. The reason higher strengths are used for this is because of the great ability to produce collagen when a small wound is created in the scar itself by a sharpened wooden object after it has been soaked in TCA. However you could try your first TCA CROSS with 25% TCA, just so you can geet used to the procedure itself and understanding the importance of applying the toothpick or whatever you use to the scarred area only.

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Looks like you got a nice improvement after one TCA CROSS. after another one or 2 more CROSS applications your scar should have filled in very well. Keep it up.

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Hi Pizzicato, Wow! Based on your day 14 pictures, the scars that you crossed really do look noticeably more shallow. I'm impressed. Congratulations! And thanks again for sharing your ongoing progress pictures with us.

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When I asked how old is that scar, I am talking about how long did u have it before you did the TCA Cross?

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Congrats on this improvement. It really looks great! I may try this at some point, so your documentation on the process is incredibly valuable.

I was wondering how the treated area feels now, does it feel smoother, can you you feel a depression still, or does the tissue feel thickened at all?

Thanks and congrats again!


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are you putting retin-a on it after day 7? i had mine similar to yours with 90-95% improvement usin 50% tca crooss too but i also used additional products:

-super cop2x


-10% glycolic

also vit c and e

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Perhaps you could take the photos under tangential lighting conditions, that'll be our best indicator of true improvement smile.gif

my skin is so zitty and gross this week. sad.gif


day 20:

user posted image

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Fantastic results... could you define that smile.gif ie: have your scars dissappeared? less prominent? percentage improvement. How old are you? and what kind of scars did you have fantastic results with? What colour is your skin?

-Miss N

I've done all my (4) crosses with 50% tca and I've always gotten fantastic results.  Personally, I don't think using 100% tca is necessary at all.

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sorry i haven't updated in so long. i've just been so busy!

this is what the scars look like now... they're so shallow that they're hardly even noticible! i'm very happy.


IPB Image


IPB Image

i was so happy with the results that i just went ahead and crossed a whole bunch of scars on my right cheek yesterday. i'll keep a photolog of the progress again!

day 2

IPB Image

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hello pizzicato,

are you asian? Your scar is not even red after TCA Cross. Congratulation on the result!

I think I want to try 50% TCA Cross now i see your pic..

do you mind to tell me where did you get your solution from ??

Thanks !! and good luck with the 2nd attempt!! :razz:

Strawberry Skin

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