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Way to prevent scars?

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I was squeezing a pimple all night last night for like hours! I finally got the...white...thing out! =D> After 5 minutes, I starting to see that it was really red and I thought that it would form a scar!!

I reacted quickly and thought that killing the germs would stop it from forming a scar! I grabbed the closest sterilizer (Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol; can't remember (was in too much of a rush)) and applied it to the infected area! Today, the redness dissappeared and it was like as if the pimple was never there to begin with!

Anyone think that this really works, or is it just in my mind or a conincidence?

I'm really anxious to pop this ugly whitehead (it used to be a cyst) and apply any sterilizer!

Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

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It might be a coincidence. I had heard somewhere (I think from cosmeticscop.com) that putting Hydrogen Peroxide on your face wasn't good. I would have thought it would be fine since it's supposed to prevent infection. Maybe do some research on that one. :-k

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I've heard that alcohol is too strong and it could really dry out your skin....

I'd probably just wash w/a gentle cleanser. If you are really wanting to disinfect it that should do the job just fine. :-

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