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Treatment now, or wait?

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Hi all,

This is my first visit to the boards. Ive been researching the avalable acne scar tretments and they are all pretty grim. It seems like nothing works that well. So I have a philosophical, practical question I'd like to put forth (which I'll get to in a sec..after my life story....LOL). So I have a ton of pitted scars, more from chicken pox than acne but they look the same so the socal stigma is still there. Now, I met this guy on the internet, and wevve planned our first meeting. He's nice, I think he'll look past my scars, but--you know how it is, I stillwant to impress him (and maybe get some sex out of this atsome point). I'm meeting with my first derm. in a long time (CA, hard to find them in this part of the state)and hope to work out a tretment plan with him, like a month before I meet the guy. But,theres so little time betwean dr. visit and meeting this guyand I want to come prapared, so I can come to a desicion right away and get something done about my scars if its an option, and this is where my question comes in. If you were in my positon, would you go for the scar tretment hoping your face will heal in time,or postpon tretment and just try to deel with your scars and cover them up with make up? Which is the "best face" to put on? Adding to my conundrom, is the expence of tretment. I think I can aford Lasar or subsision ect. but it will have to go on credit card and to tell the truth if this guy were not in the picture I probly would wait until I had a little more money tucked away... So thats my question. Thanks evrybody!


PS sorry for the spelling it's horribel I know! (I obviusly did not win over this guy with my writing skills LOL..)

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Depends on how bad your scars are. Personally I can't cover my scars with makeup anyway so I don't even have the option of hiding them temporarily.

Don't be too negative about scar treatments. I do think its possible to get to 70-80% by finding the treatments that work for you. I have had about a 40% improvement in my scars so far and I've still to try many treatments.

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Hi Pam,

If I were you, I wouldn't try to put too much make up to cover my scar. I'd rather see whether I can accept him the way he is as much as (I hope)he accept me as I am O:) If he couldn't "accept" my scars, how would he ever "accept" my other imperfection? After all, nobody is perfect. I wouldn't worry too much over a guy who is too superficial O:) I would worry more about how much I could accept him, wouldn't you? What if you didn't like him as much as you thought you would? :-k

Believe me, I know what I am talking about. I met my now husband over the internet, too. He has been the sweetest thing ever happened to me. I don't think he even sees my scars! I am the one who is so obsessed about it. O:)

So, the bottom line is, I wouldn't do anything to impress anybody. BUT! I would do anything to get rid of my scars for my own sake. I just want to feel good about myself. But I wouldn't worry if I still have scars when I meet somebody. O:)

Oh, here are some ideas, in case you want to try. I found my scars diminish significantly over the past week using pure lime juice. To my astonishment, lime juice is milder than lemon juice for my skin , and even milder than vinegar. I just dab it on the affected areas (just the scars, not the whole face, since lime has slightly bleaching effect) twice a day (I use it in the morning and at night). My friend just had chicken pox, her skin was pretty scary at the time. A month later I was shocked seeing her with no scars. She said she put pure aloe vera gel before she went to bed and left in all night. She used aloe vera directly from the plant, just cut the leaf about 1/2 inch thick, open it and rub the gel on your face (the whole face). One large leaf lasts about 1 month. I did try, but aloe vera is too drying for my skin (I have slightly dry skin) while my friend has slightly oily skin.

Hope this helps. :)

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