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i think i may have red marks and scars.... but i am not sure. i have some red marks that are just red, some purple/red that hardly go into my skin, and other purple ones that are slightly deeper and probably 1/4 cm in radius. i am gradually coming off of 3-4 month continuious break out (how things work for me), so things are not at their best now. if i am unsure as to weather or not these marks are scars, should i go ahead and treat them as such? does it help the chance of having scars heal or at least become considerably less noticible if you treat them with vitamins/topical creams/what have you asap? i would like to avoide any type of medical procedure (lazers, professional peels, etc) because $ and time.... so any help wold be much appreciated.... i will get pictures of my problem areas (my cheeks) up tomorrow hopefully.

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