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BDD (body dysmorphic disorder)

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hey everyone im new smile.gif

you guys all seem great, your all really supportive of one another and dont really ever seem to bag each other out which is refreshing esp for acne sufferers sad.gif

anyway i was wondering if any of you have heard of BDD?

its quite common in acne sufferers as they focus alot on there skin.

i was looking at the gallery and alot of you dont even have it as bad as you think, i mean i was expecting to see alot worse but its nothing everyone hasnt seen before really- not that that makes it better, acne is acne and nobody wants it.

i was thinking maybe some of you might have a distorted image of your skin - hence the term dysmorphia.

BDD sufferers are either obssesed with the mirror or avoid it and alot of you said you look in the mirror 100 times a day or not at all which is obsessive - another symptom.

and the more you focus and look at your skin -trust me- the worse it will look because you are only seeing acne and it just magnifies.

but yeah i dont want to sound like a counsellor or anything but its becoming an epodemic (worst country is japan along with anorexia) and its still not well known and very often gets diagnosed as depression.

here are the most common symptoms

avoiding people/social situations

obsessing about a flaw

glued to the mirror or avoiding it

preoccupied with a minor or imagined flaw

basicly just letting it interfere with your life.

dont get me wrong, acne is horrible to have cos everyone judges you on how you look and most people here prob dont have it but alot prob do even to a very small degree but there is normal paranoya/obsesstion/avoidance and then there is real 'obssesion' if you know what i mean, like never leaving the house.

anyway im really glad i found this board and hopfuly i will be posting often like you guys smile.gif


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For one of my nursing units we did a bit on perception of self and others, and our lecturer mentioned this - she said other people don't see your acne as severe as what you may think it is, where as someone with acne sees it as being really bad.


To some extent that comment has stuck with me and helped with some of my shyness, (I tend to be overly shy and that all comes down to my acne and people bullying me about my acne in secondary school). eusa_wall.gif

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im pretty sure most of us see ourselves more badly then we really are. But thats how it always is, be it acne, or ugliness, weight etc.

terible isn't it.

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