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Well, I think I've stumbled onto a winning combination of products. It's now

my regimen. I started off with moderate acne and now I have virtually no

acne. This took place in the last 3 weeks now. It's still too early to say

if it will last forever, but since I've never seen anything like this, I decided

to post it.

Products I use:

- Carley's acne cleanser. See http://www.no-acne.com

- Carley's moisturizer. See http://www.no-acne.com

- Carley's soap. See http://www.no-acne.com

- Differin 0.1% Cream (not the gel). Prescription only.

- Eucalyptus oil, 100% pure. See http://www.vitaglo.com

- Tea tree oil, 100% pure. See http://www.vitaglo.com

- Kiss My Face olive oil soap and plant glycerin soap.


o Combine the Eucalyptus oil and the Tea Tree oil in a small medicine

bottle. The amount of tea tree oil you use should be small in

proportion to eucalyptus oil, on the order of 1 drop of tea tree oil

to 20 drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix well.

o In the morning, before washing, I use my electric shaver to shave.

After shaving, I rub a quarter-sized amount of the tea-tree/eucalyptus

oil into my palm and then rub my hands together, thereby spreading

the oil on both hands. Then I rub my face all over with my hands. It

leaves my face feeling cold and I can feel the vapors on my eyes.

After shaving, I take a shower. In the shower I wait until the end of

the shower to wash my face. I rinse my face with water before applying

the Kiss My Face olive oil soap (or plant glycerin soap). I do this by

rubbing the soap in my hands to work up a lather first. Then I put the

soap down and apply the soap lather to my face. Then I rinse.

After rinsing my face, I apply the Carley's acne cleanser for about a

minute or two. Then I rinse my face again.

I dry myself off. Afterwards, I apply Carley's moisturizer to my entire

face, regardless of whether or not it needs it. Just a light amount.

And I leave it on all day.

o At night before bed, I rinse my face with warm water. Then I use

Carley's soap, lathering it first in my hands as described above. And

I rinse the soap off using lukewarm water. I then dry my face with a

clean, never-before-used towel.

Then I wait a few minutes. Then I apply some of the tea-tree and

eucalyptus oil as described above.

I wait a few minutes after applying the oil and then rub a small amount

of differin cream across my face. I do this pretty much everywhere on

my face. And when I say small amount, I mean it. Not too much, or

else my face will burn. It has to be a very light layer.

And that's it. That's my regimen. It will make my face turn absolutely

red, especially at night when I take the differin (which is why I don't

take it in the morning). But it goes away, and my face is beginning

to tolerate it better. It seems like this is really helping.

I experienced a lot of exfoliation in the beginning. I feel this is key.

The eucalyptus and tea tree oil combination is an exfoliant. So is the

Carley's acne cleanser. And the differin will also exfoliate. In the

beginning, my face looked terrible with dead skin peeling, but now

I barely have any dead skin showing. And the moisturizer in the

morning fixes any peeling areas.

I should also say that I started this regimen applying major amounts of

oil to my face in a sort of "scortched Earth" policy. I bombed my face.

It was powerful stuff. And I was using a 1:4 ratio of tea tree oil to

eucalyptus oil (much more tea tree oil than I should've used). That was

nasty. I don't know if that helped or not. Now I use a ratio of 1:20,

and only a U.S.-quarter-sized amount rubbed between my hands and

then applied to my face.

Why Eucalyptus oil? Because it's been proven to kill demodex mites,

and demodex mites are rumored to cause rosacea and acne. I wouldn't

say I had rosacea, but my cheeks were pretty red, and they're

starting to lessen in redness now.

Why tea tree oil? Because it's been proven to kill acne.

What do I think is actually working? To tell you the truth, I think it's

the Differin. But the other stuff has to be helping. Everything

above should be helping to a certain degree, especially by

exfoliating, but I suspect it's the Differin that's doing the most work.

What other things have I tried before this? Well, I think I've tried

everything. I had accutane 4 years ago, and that worked well, but

I still had moderate acne afterwards. I can't tolerate benzoyl peroxide

products unless it's like Carley's where you wash it off after a minute.

I tried Differin gel by itself before, but it was way too harsh, and I

wasn't exfoliating properly, so I abandoned it before. Now I know to

use the Cream, not the gel, and only use a very small amount of it

at any given time. What else? Topical antibiotics (cleocin-T,

benzamycin), systemic antibiotics (e-mycin, tetracycline,

minocycline, etc), salicylic acid, AHA's, vitamin B5, zinc (topically

as zinc sulfate and internally as zinc picolinate), MSM, DMSO,

carrot juice, colloidal silver, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil (by itself),

aspirin face masks, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, the

Acne-LTD III program, Proactive, etc. About 12-15 years of

experimentation. Only accutane worked this well for me.

I'll post back every now and then to report my progress. I really hope

this keeps my acne from coming back. I only have one pimple now,

and it's very small.


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i just read like everything on Carley's acne cleanser website and pretty convinced. I've got questions from you though. How long have you been on Carley's products? Is everything said on their website is true - for example they said 'big' vompany soaps are like detergents and theirs is form vegetables? why havent they gone all commercial if they really that succesful?

thanks in advance.

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that sounds like alot of fucking work........lol

Actually, it's pretty easy. It just twice a day, taking about an extra

3 minutes in the morning and an extra 15 minutes at night. So, 18

minutes per day really doesn't sound like much to me. Especially if

it's working.


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As for Carley's, I have been on it for over 2 months now. I started the

regimen above while I had already undergone over a month and a half

of Carley's. I don't think Carley's is a magic cure-all or anything. I'd

say it probably only gets you the last 10% of the way to where you

want to be. For others, they say they use the product exclusively

without using other products, and they claim they're cured after just

a month. I wish it worked that well for me.

I know this much about Carley's acne cleanser. It at least doesn't seem

to *cause* acne. I've tried many other products which cause new pimples

to occur shortly after using it for the first time. Carley's didn't do that. So

it has that going for it. Apart from that, it exfoliates gradually, which I

really like. The little walnut shell bits that are in it sort of grind the top layer

of the skin off, and it gets into pores to remove dirt. I've never tried

microdermabrasion, but I suppose this is working in a similar way. And

after using Carley's, my face feels amazingly good (soft and conditioned).

Like I said, I don't know if Carley's is actually working, but in theory it

should help, and it isn't hurting. Maybe when I get totally clean of acne

for a long time I can begin to experiment by dropping products and seeing

if my acne returns.

As for the difference between plant-based and animal-based soaps, I

have no idea what the issues are. I will say that it just seems kind of

gross that we'd put soap derived from animal fat and cartilage onto our

faces. It probably also contains traces of animal growth hormones

and antibiotics which could increase acne growth. I dunno.


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Update... I'm still nearly 100% clean of acne. I have a few pimples on my

face, and they are small. And there doesn't look like any bumpiness in

my skin anymore (you know, the pimples that aren't yet pimples).

The biggest problem for me now is that I'm getting what look to be cystic

acne below my chin. But on further investigation, it seems all of those are

merely ingrown beard hairs. And when I say "all of those", it's only two

or three. They get big and red and are impossible to lance or pop. I just

have to wait 2 weeks or so for the hair to surface, and then I yank the

hair out. The hair is usually pretty long. And then I squeeze the bump,

and the infected puss is drained. It usually takes another week or so to

heal completely. It's very annoying, and there doesn't appear to be a

cure for that.

So I think I'll try using a razor instead of an electric shaver for the hair below

my chin. I'll see if this helps. I've also heard it helps to shave with the

grain instead of against it. I'll try that.

Also, I'm not using the eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil as often now. I'm

also considering ending their use completely. I noticed that after using it,

it made my face extremely red, though it only lasted several hours. It

wasn't the differin after all, it was this oil. Maybe I'm allergic to it? It

was also giving me a rash on my neck near my clavical bone. It was

beginning to itch. Stopping its use caused the redness and itchiness to

go away. Oh well. Good idea, but it looks like I can do without it. If

my acne returns I'll know it's because I've stopped using these oils.

Without the oils, I am now in need of a good exfoliator. I think I'll try to

use salicylic acid instead. Maybe glycolic acid as well. But I will not

leave these on my face for long, because I know from the past that if I

leave them on, they will turn my face red. So maybe I'll wash them off

after a few minutes.

Apart from that, I'm still using differin at night and Carley's acne cleanser

in the morning. I'm also using Carley's moisturizer in the day.

I think these changes should clean my face up permanently.

It's amazing for me to have this kind of success. I pretty much thought that

I would only be clear if I took accutane. It's a relief to know that I don't

have to go through that again. It's taken me 15 years or so of

experimentation to finally arrive at this "cure".


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Strangely enough, my skin is now taking a nose dive. I don't know what's

going on. I'm starting to get pimples on my face and my skin is now turning

very oily. I wonder if it's a temporary thing or signs of more to come.


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Last week was pretty rough. Here's what happened:

I was a little nervous about the redness in my face and what looked to be a rash forming on my lower neck. I figured it was the oils I was using (eucalyptus and tea tree). So I theorized that maybe the oils weren't doing anything anyway and stopped using them altogether. I still applied differin at night and used the Carley's acne cleanser in the morning. But having just returned from the dermatologist for my yearly checkup, I got a hold of some cleocin-T gel (Clinda-Gel). I decided to try that during the day right after I got done using Carley's. And that went on for about 5 days and coincided with my quitting the oil treatment. Well, the result was horrible. I was getting many more pimples all over my face. I stopped the clinda-gel after that and went back to applying the oil at night. After returning to my original program, all of my pimples vanished as fast as they appeared. It seems to work better also if I rubbed a little of that oil on in the morning after shaving and just before using Carley's acne cleanser. It's amazing how fast this program clears up my face. But it does leave my face looking red, almost like I have a mild sunburn.

So this still leaves me with an irritated / red face and that somewhat itchy red area on my lower neck. So I decided to quit differin this time. And I quit using the oils again. So at night, all I'm doing is washing my face with Carley's Finishing Soap. That's it. And in the morning I'm using Carley's acne cleanser. I'm not really even using much if any moisturizer in the day. This should pin-point whether it was the clinda-gel that caused my pimples last time or if it was giving up the oils that did it. It's not much of a program. And it's only been a few days so far. My results so far are mixed. Right after I went off my main program, my face started getting more pimples. But today it's kind of getting better. I will continue for a little while on this minimal program just using Carley's acne cleanser and see what happens.

Also, I'm plagued by ingrown beard hairs. While I was on my main program, I saw a 100% clearing above my chin line. But below my chin line, I had several really nasty looking, big, red, sores. They look like pimples, but eventually a great big hair pops out, I yank it out, and the sore dissipates. It leaves me with a red scar for a while until it fades. It was the only thing that was keeping my face from being 100% clean of anything that looked like acne. I reasoned a plan to get away from this problem: I figure if I shave very close and inspect my beard for any tiny bit of hair that's still left and yank those out, then the hairs will never get a chance to grow inward. That's the theory anyway. I wonder if it'll work. If that doesn't work, I'll see if using a razor instead of an electric shaver will help. I've also heard of hair-straightening products you can get in salons, so I might try that. I've even tossed around the idea of getting laser hair removal or electrolysis or something, but I imagine that's very expensive, and I don't know about the long-term health effects or whether or not I'd miss being able to have a beard later on in life.


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Oops. I posted this message in a separate thread. I'm copying it here...

This week has been not so bad. I haven't been using anything except Carley's acne cleanser in the morning and Carley's finishing soap at night. I have more pimples above the chin now than when I used my oils and differin, but there's not that many of them (like 6 or 7 of them), they're small, and they go away within a couple days. My face is a lot less red and my rash is starting to go away. The in-grown beard hairs on my neck and chin are gone, and I think it might be due to me shaving more closely than before. I'm going to continue this for another week unless I get a bad break-out. Then I might experiment with using Carley's acne cleanser twice a day (against their advice).


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Interesting results lately...

Okay, here's what I ended up doing. I gave up all the products I was using and just used Carley's acne cleanser in the morning. I also used Carley's soap bar in the night to wash my face before bed. Here's what I noticed: Initially, I had a small spike in the amount of pimples I had on my face and a little bit of oiliness more than normal. But after a few days, it looked like my face was getting better. Apparently my face didn't like me switching products like that and reacted by producing more oil which caused more pimples. But after that initial "break out" (and I hesitate to call it that), it got better.

I still wasn't completely back to the clear skin I had before when I was using differin and the oils. I had about 3 to 6 pimples on my face at any given moment. So after about a week of this, I decided to try using Carley's acne cleanser at night in addition to the morning. Well, the pimples pretty much left my face, and I'm nearly 100% clean now. I just have a few red spots where they used to be, and they're reducing now. =D>

Well, I didn't think something like Carley's would work by itself. But it does. I'm going to continue using it and note any changes in this log. It's pretty decent. I won't say I'm "cured" of acne until I've gone a month or two without any pimples. But I'm hoping I'll get there. At least now I think it's possible. I hope this clearing isn't also dependent on all of the work I did previously which lead up to this. I'll know in another month or two.

I'm still getting in-grown beard hairs which look like acne but aren't. But they're not as bad and as numerous as before. I think this is because I'm shaving much more closely and trying to get all hairs I can see. If I can't get a hair with the electric shaver, I use a pair of tweezers to yank it out. I've only gotten one in-grown hair in the past week. I usually get several. So that's good news.

The redness I had in my face due to the various topical applications I was using is almost gone now. But I noticed if I keep Carley's acne cleanser on my face more than a couple minutes, it does redden my face. I try to keep it to less than 2 minutes now.


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Here's a summary of what happened since my last journal entry.

Recall that I was just using Carley's acne cleanser in the morning and washing my fash at night with Carley's soap. This was after abandoning my program of oils and Differin. At first all things were good, not perfect, but pretty darned good. Then my acne started returning more and more. It wasn't bad acne, but it was noticeable, and the pimples lasted more than a day. So the conclusion is that the Differin and oils were a necessary ingredient. But I wondered whether I could get the same results using Carley's twice a day instead of once. At that point I decided to use Carley's acne cleanser at night in addition to the morning. The result: Lots more acne. It doubled the severity and quantity. I'm not sure why this is.

So I stopped using Carley's acne cleanser twice a day and went back to using it once a day. My face calmed down a bit, but it still wasn't great. So I decided to go back to my same old tried-and-true program of oils + differin at night and Carley's in the morning. Result: Nearly 100% clean of acne in just a couple days.

Hmmm. But this still left my face awfully red. I decided to ditch the oils at night and instead just applied differin. And in the morning I used Carley's acne cleanser. Result: 100% clean. Still a little red.

So it would appear that I've found the minimum solution for me. I must use differin at night after washing with Carley's soap. Then in the morning I must use Carley's acne cleanser. This results in a 100% clearing of acne (or damned near 100%). I theorize that Carley's is needed as an antibiotic to kill acne bacteria throughout the day. And Differin is needed at night to decrease oil production (and this probably lasts throughout the next day as well). Without Differin, even though the acne bacteria are being killed, pimples will still form due to oil build up alone. The retinoid compound in Differin is shrinking the oil glands, and I feel this is necessary for me. I feel that Carley's acne cleanser is also necessary in order to remove dead skin and as an antibiotic.

What about the eucalyptus and tea tree oils? They probably work in a way similar to Differin, actually. They decrease oil production. But Differin appears to be gentler on the skin. When I used Differin and the oils together, I got some major redness all over my face and especially my neck. I have very sensitive pale white skin, and the redness really stands out. Differin alone also causes some redness. So I just use a very very small amount of Differin (cream) on my face, and I don't use any on my neck.

I'd love it if I didn't have to take Differin to control my oil. Because then I wouldn't have any redness at all. I tried taking vitamin B5, but it didn't seem to work for me. I think only accutane would work, but I consider it too toxic to take in the long term. So I guess Differin is the best solution for now.

I'll post back in a month or if things change for the worse. I'm happy to finally have reached something that seems to work very well for me.


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Hi Steve in Austin,

I tried Carley's, just the bottle of cleanser, last summer. Also the Differin and many many other things, just like you. I was interested in seeing how they all worked at first for you, but this is what I have found, and you may have much tougher skin than I do (I am naturally very fair and blonde, oily and sensitive skin) - the more products I put on my face, the worse it got! The Carley's was too tough for my face with those little granules, but I know for some people it is great. The Differin caused my face to turn red and stay red, did not clear the pimples.

I finally went in desparation, after 3-4 derms over several years, one just a year ago, to a naturopathic clinic in Seattle, Bastyr. Very inexpensive. They told me acne was caused by inside out, not vice versa. Sure it was important to take care of the external, but to take care of internal just as well. The doc put me on a one time homeopathic pill for my type, and after taking it, I had the WORST breakout in my life. Then one side cleared and then the other. Takes 2 weeks or more. Now I get a cystic pimple here and there, but my skin is rarely broken out like it was last summer.

I take liver herb pills, 25,000 Vit A (part in a good multi-vite), zinc with copper, Herpanacine for the A and E, etc. I also just wash with a mild cleanser (got it at Trader Joes) and use Niacinimide Cream (Vit. B) for those cystic or appearing pimples. Treat my skin like a baby. Don't use a washrag at all.

Just a comment - hope that helps,


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Yeah, I'm also fair skinned. And I'm blond. So I think we're in the same boat. But my face does tolerate Carley's scrub pretty well. You can always just not scrub so hard (or at all) if the little walnut shell bits are bothering you.

The Differin is turning my face red. It's like a rash. But I'm so far controlling it by using just very small amounts. I've abandoned the thought of putting it on my neck, because my neck reacts in a major way to it (turning red and itchy). So I don't put it on my neck. But the problem is when I go to sleep and it gets on my pillow, my neck will also roll around on my pillow at night and it picks it up. I wake up in the morning a little redder on my neck and I scratch my neck in my car all the way over to work in the morning. Very frustrating. So I may just wrap something around my neck at night, though I am worried about cutting off my circulation or my breathing by accident.

Still, I'm not ready to abandon Differin. It's the only thing that's really working. I need to stop the oil somehow. It's not enough treating the acne once it forms. And Carley's isn't enough by itself.

I've tried naturopathic treatments before. My opinion at this time is that they don't really understand acne enough to treat it. It's multi-causal. Is it hormonal? Is it diet? Is it bad genetics? Is it a food allergy? Is it "toxins"? Is it due to organ weakness? Is it heat? Is it nervousness and anxiety? Is it guilt? Is it too little water? Is it too little exercise? Is it due to parasites? Etc. Go to 10 different naturopaths, and you'll hear 10 different things. Or heck, go to just one and you'll hear 10 different things. They'll name everything under the sun as the cause, and if you don't follow an impossible program that their diagnosis implies you need to do, you won't get better. When you come back to them after a few months of attempting to do what they say and you still have acne, they'll tell you you're not trying hard enough or you neglected to do something else. And meanwhile you have to buy all their little potions, pills, and herbs at huge costs. This has been my experience with them. If it worked for you, that's great. Though you shouldn't still be getting cystic acne if it's really working I would think.

I will continue to have an open mind about supplements and herbs and such. But based on my experience with them, I don't have a lot of hope that I'll find anything that helps with acne.

Anyway, thanks for sending that along. I'll tuck it away in the back of my brain for later maybe.


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Well, my face is still almost 100% clean of acne. My program has not changed, except that for the past 4 days I've been using Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (2% salicylic acid) and Walgreen's generic Alpha Hydroxy acid (glycolic acid) lotion. So far so good.

I've added these two things to my differin and Carley's program because others are using them successfully with the Acne Cure program (Dubrow's program).

So now my program is the following. At night, wet my face, then lather some Carley's finishing soap and use it on my face, then rinse. Then lather some Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and use it on my face. Wait 3 minutes. Rinse. Dry my face using a clean towel. Then immediately apply differin cream. Then it's off to bed.

In the morning, wet my face, then lather some Carley's finishing soap and use it on my face, then rinse. Then lather some Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and use it on my face. Wait 3 minutes. Rinse. Then lather some Alpha Hydroxy Acid lotion (it doesn't really "lather"), then apply to my face. Wait 3 minutes. Rinse. Then apply Carley's acne cleanser, scrubbing for about 2 minutes. Rinse.

That's it so far. I'm not using the GA twice a day, just once a day on the recommendation from others.

The SA wash makes my face feel smooth and soft. But I think this may be due to conditioners being left behind. If so, I wonder if they'll cause break-outs? It may take 2 months to find out.

I'm still experiencing pseudo-foliculitis (sp?). It's ingrown beard hairs which look like pimples but aren't. I learned of a product called "Tend-Skin" which uses isopropyl alcohol and acetyl-salicylic acid (aspirin). But it costs a lot for a bottle ($20 for 8 ounces I think). So I made my own batch, and I'm now experimenting with it by applying it to my neck twice a day. I'll post the results later. So far, it looks like this is now my biggest problem, what with my real acne disappeared.


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Well, one of those two extra products (or both) caused my face to turn more red and caused a rash on my lower neck. So I'm back to my old program minus the SA and GA.


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Hi hi,

i'm new here. Juz share with all the products i'm using that really really show good results:-


Gentle cleansing lotion/cream

AHA 8%

Lavender/chamomile gel to calm my pimples and preventing them

Vit C serum (With BHA/Stablised Vit C)

Sunblock SPF 30

Evening (cleanse my makeup)

Extra rich Cleansing cream

double cleanse withGentle cleansing lotion

Before bedtime

Gentle cleansing gel

AHA 12%

Lavender/chamomile gel to calm my pimples and preventing them

Vit C serum (With BHA/Stablised Vit C)

Retin-A (0.01% & 0.025%)- I use different strength on alternate days.

So far this is working very very well for me, my skin never looks so beautiful/radiant.

by the way all the above products are from my doctor (NIKS, it is made in USA). Plus point gentle, my face never peels or red when using Retin-A. With this routine, i can see results in 2 weeks, no pimple marks or blemishes (I've very light blemishes on my cheeks)

1 thing to share, never never give up so fast, results take months to show.


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