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Please help i'm desperate

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okay i've started using 10% BP on my back now putting tons on individual pimples (cos i've got a couple of huge ones in my back area)and around the area. ANd I SEE NO IMPROVEMENT. i don't even feel anything whe i have the BP on my back. IS this because the skin on my back is real tough? OR is it not working? Maybe it's the brand i'm using. I"m really worrried. SOmeone please help. I'm just so fed up with trying so many things I"m so desperate i think i'm going to cry. thanks :)

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How long have you used BP? And how much are you using? It usually takes a while before you see results and you have to use quite a lot for it to work. *Hugs* Hope you feel better soon. If the BP doesnt work try going to a dermatologist if you havent already.

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Back's skin is quiet different from facial skin... And BP 10% different from BP 2.5%. BP 10% get dry faster than 2.5%. So use it small zone to small zone, to be sure it'll be completely taken. If your skin is oily, you have to control it. Keep patience. And go to the derm. If you find the good stuff, results will be observed in a few month.

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Also !!! do a thorough inspection of all back chafing. Check your detergent,wash your sheets, car seat cover, etc.

what about a shower scrub? Or if you use one, maybe you need a new one. What's up w/ your shower water? New filter?

I go thru phases of bacne. Sometimes big fatties, sometimes lil'whiteys, sometimes nuthin'. But when I break out, I clean evrything I always forget to clean like slip covers, pillows, etc. and then I jump in the ocean.

Usually works for me.

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thanks guys. i appreciate your replys! I've pretty much just blobbed Alot of BP on one spot so it covers it all up, but i don't feel any effect. IS this normal? i mean i don't feel nothing. I"m worried maybe it's the brand or something, but i got it in a decent shop. And i've heard that BP can cause scarrring too. is this true?? i scar quite easily :- and i want to prevent it. Thanks guys

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