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Looking for some advice/help

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Ok, I am a 17 yr old male and I am desperately looking for some advice or help.

For about 4 yrs so far I have been trying and trying to get rid of my acne. It is so annoying and it seriously ruins my life. I visited a derm for a while and he started givin me 7% BP products and it was just hell on my skin, i felt like a reptile. Anyways, I then started using ProActiv stuff. I guess it works alright, well, the mask that comes iwth it does wonders. Anyways, once i started using that my pimples erally started drying up (I think) and they turned into white bumps on my face and well, I made hte mistake of picking at most of em. Anyways, now my face is left w/ith a lot of red marks, and I have no idea to tell whether they are scars or not (they are all smoothe and dont feel indented at least). It has only been about 2 months since I did htis but I am kind of worried. Practically all of my acne is gone, which i guess is a plus, but these red marks/scars or whatever look horrible in themselves and this is not what i was hoping for.

Is anyone able to tell me how to tell if these are really scars or not. I know when i did end up messing with them (which i totally regret) and popped em a ton of white puss came out and i would wash my face and stuff but was stuck with these. I stopped seein my derm over like the last 4 months and I think it's time i went back for a visit to tell. What things would be good to do though to start treating these marks/scars. I have heard Vit-E creme and stuff, but is there anything else? Also, at my age would surgery be worth it? And is shaving having any effect on this process? I know that sometimes when these white puss things come out of my acne I shave and shave em off and dont know if that's causing scars, but like 90% of the time I cant avoid shaving them really and this is just so annoying to me. I practically hate myself b/c of these scars/marks now. Someone please help!

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The 'scars' that you seem to be describing just seem to be red marks left over from your previous breakouts. The most important thing that you can do to heal these is to just give them time. You say they're only 2 months old, well thats no time at all. There are, however, a couple of things that you can do to aid the healing process. Try the taping method and vinegar to exfoliate the skin (both techniques are outlined in the 'scars' forum). And make sure to moisturize!

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Yes, seems to be redmarks. Neutrogena Clear Pore Multivitamins works fine for that. If you can lower your BP dosage, your skin will be better, and redmarks will disappear faster. Personaly, 2.5% at evening is enough.

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