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How i controlled my acne and diminish my scars

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Today… I’m happy, because finally, my skin looks everyday better. Forgive me if you encounter any mistakes in my writing, but English isn’t my first language.

I discovered this page (acne.org), during those days where I couldn’t explain myself how to beat this devastating disease. Acne came to my life when I was 20… when I thought that due to my age, I had escaped from it. I’m 22 now, when I was 21, the problem really went out of control. It was frustrating when people just walked towards you saying “boy what happened to your face�. Until a few weeks, I had complained about several errors I had commit due to misinformation on the topic(acne). First of all, I saw 2 doctors that gave me purely antibiotics and topical creams, but the problem was not controlled, and it’s frustrating when you follow a regime and it doesn’t work. When I was at the worst point, I decided to obtain a second opinion. I went to a famous doctor here in Torreón Coahuila Mexico; he immediately administered accutane for my case.

After 6 months my skin was noticeably improving. My doctor explained me that acne is a disease that last from 5 to 7 years, that it cannot be cured, just controlled, and it is the mission of any doctor in dermatology to control acne to it’s minimum so you can live a life almost normal, as if you weren’t sick. . For the next year accutane and until now I’m following his regime that has worked for me and for most of the patients he has saw. For example, lymecycline in doses of 300 mg every 2 days has helped a lot.

Also, the use of Benzaclin ( a combination of 5% BP and clyndalmicin) is very useful.

I also use a solar protector to avoid sun damage. And finally, a wonderful product Effaclar K. Although my acne was controlled I really complained about my scars, I shall admit they are shallow, maybe because of that effaclar K really worked for me. Effaclar K has ingredients that help the skin pores to open.

Also, the most impressive effect, it smoothens the skin, I read all the properties on the Internet and I discovered that it was because of the salicylic acid, that makes a soft peeling that corrects shallow scars. I feel my skin is changing progressively. Within a month of daily use, I can see my skin with really minor imperfections. Its way not a commercial, search for it on the internet, check the ingredients and decide if it would work for you or comment it to your doctor.

Hope my experience help others who are still suffering from this tremendous disease.

I always pray to God to get cured form this disease soon.

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Welcome Huberfm,

I am glad to hear that you've been on a regime that has significantly improved your skin. I too, was on accutane and I was had wonderful results (getting rid of acne). Although I am left with acne scars.

Thanks for providing the information about Effaclar K. I will look more into this.

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Many of the Skin Biology products contain 2% salicylic acid which is equivalent to a 10% Glycolic acid. So it acts like a gentle peel. In theory it should help with the appearance of shallow scarring overtime. In theory yes but in reality it varies between patients.

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I'd like to ask your help. I had a Roaccutan cure 3 years ago, and now I'm using Effaclar and Effaclar K, but they don't work... sad.gif I've got blackheads, whiteheads, visible or clogged pores, small, temporary pimples, oily and uneven skin and acne scars.

I'd like to get rid of them for good.

How does Effaclar work for you? I mean how long had you been using it when you first noticed any improvements? How much has your skin improved since you've been using it?

How does your skin look like now?

I'd be very happy, if you could help me.

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Hello huberfm,

I´m from Monterrey México, I found your comment looking around here at this page.

I´m looking for doctors in Monterrey or Mexico that can help me with my problem. i´m 26 years old, I don´t have so much pimples, but the problem is starting to get out of control considering the fact I had never had any pimple in my life...... I have read that I should not touch them, could you suggest me a mexican doctor?

This problem really scares me because as I told you I never had it before and my appearance is very important for me and I won´t spare money in anything that could help me with this situation.

accutane really works?


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