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My success story (bio-alcamid)

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Before I left for good (I'm sure I'll check back every once in awhile), I just wanted to let everyone know there are success stories.

I had acne in college and was left with moderate scars. But in my college days and post-college days, I didn't worry much about them, and still had alot of confidence, got married had 3 kids. But about 7 years ago, I had a revelation that my scars were disgusting. For the last 7 years (more so recently), I have always thought about them, and was always worried about the lighting on my face. I had laser surgery about 6 years ago (what a waste).

About 2 years ago, I found this message board, and had hope. I tried the copper peptides, the papaya soap, and the other topicals. Nothing worked. I decided topicals would not work. Then needling came along, and I thought that was my solution, but it did nothing. Then, TCA cross, but nothing. I became somewhat depressed and more obsessed with my scars.

Then I decided to go with Bio-Alcamid. My first round was with Dr. C, and I was impressed with my first results. But after a few weeks, I realized he missed a few spots. So I went back, and Anna did a stellar job. But I had a lump (from overinjection on one side). I was pleased with my improvement, but obsessed with my new lump. I went back one more time, and she touched up around the lump and touched up the other places. A week later, the lump was still visibile to me. I then took it in my own hands, and removed the lump myself with a 18g needle.

I am now to the point where my scars are not even noticeable. I would say I have 95-100% improvement. I don't think much about them at all anymore (I hope it stays that way). I have also adjusted my diet after meeting with a holistic doctor. I am on the paleo diet (along with protein shakes, folic acid, B-12, and Vitamin D) which has also really helped.

Good luck to all. There are solutions out there, but the solution is different for each person.

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Wow! Congrats! 95 to 100 percent is awesome. I still have a lump but it's not large enough for me to be constantly concerned about. But maybe I should try the 18g needle. Any tips on how you removed it?

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Yes, mrstupor, please advise on how you removed the bioalcamid lump! That's kind of scary! Did you anesthesize yourself? I'm asking becuz I'm thinking about getting more bioalcamid, but fear of overinjection!

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I posted in another thread about my removal. The link is below. Also, specific instructions are in the same thread on how to do it. I used those instructions (no anesthesia, i don't think its necessary, especially for small lumps as opposed to removing a huge amount). I think you could also get your local dermatologist or PS to do it for you. I found one to do it, but opted to just do it myself. Make sure you use a sterilized needle and put on neosporin afterwards, don't want an infection. The pain is minimal, you just inject that 16 or 18g needle. The hardest part is pinching and pushing out everything. I really doubt if you can see the bio-alcamid coming out. I just saw blood. I was worried I didn't pierce the bio-alcamid. But I must have.

Also, since I've had a few questions on this, I had pitted scarring. I had about 5-7 pitted scars. 2 of them were what I call moderate scarring, the others were a little smaller, but pitted and very visible under direct light, or angled lighting. I believe Bio-Alcamid is perfect for those with pitted scarring, maybe rolling scarring too. It will not work on icepicks or boxcars. Anna (at the clinic) even touched up some very minor scars. What will happen is that when you get your bigger scars fixed, you will then notice the smaller ones, ones you really never noticed before, since you were focused on the bigger ones. My scars were most visible in a dark room with natural light coming in from behind. Now, I can't even see them at all. My skin isn't perfect (a few scarred pores, etc), but it is truly unbelievable the improvement I have seen.

I highly recommend the clinic in Tijuana. If you have any questions, email them (Ellen), she'll get back to you right away.

Here is link to other thread (removal and instructions)


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Mrstupor, that is so wonderful to hear! It is so great to visit this board and success stories. Thank you for posting and congratulations on your success biggrin.gif

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My results are holding up nicely. Going to try to remove the two small lumps myself as well since I'm experienced at popping pimples without scarring, should be interesting.

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