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Short Lived Happiness

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I used the regimen for about a month and it worked perfectly. I experienced clear skin for about 2 weeks, not a pimple in site. My acne scars were getting less noticeable, I was happy. But after those two weeks I got about 4-5 pimples, and my unhappiness came about again. And it's so discouraging but there is nothing I an do about it, it sucks! No one else in my family suffers from acne and I guess I'm the special one. I only have 1 pimple left on my cheek (I wish it would go away). I'm still on the regimen, but I got new scars to deal with and they lighten up for about a month or so. Man this sucks! I am one of those people who contemplates on my face all day. I check the mirror every hour to see my face. I avoid going out because I am embarassed. When I do all I think about is if people are looking at my face or how I envy all these people with clear skin who just have to wash their face once a day. When I do see someone with worse acne, does it make me feel better? Not at all because I just want my face to be clear! I went to the derm and he just gave me that bullshit hair follicle story. I asked alot of questions about hygeine, food, etc. He didn't give me a straight forward answer, I'm like one of many acne sufferers who visit him. I dread on my face all day and night for the past year, is there a problem with me?

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Your feelings sound normal, but if you suspect they are not, do a search or go the library and read about obsessive compulsive disorder.

For me, it was a simple as getting rid of the acne. Once my acne was gone, I stopped obsessing about it. As far as your set back on the regimen goes, this is normal. Keep up with the regimen, following it precisely, and you should clear up again.


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