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So... I want to tan, and get rid of acne

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I am going to the beach soon, and wish to get a real tan.

I also can do this at home, for a milder tan, if needed.

I have acne on my face, on my upper back, and a bit on the neck and upper chest.

I'm on the Regimen, but only for my face.

Regardless of what people here say like "o noes no tanning because the acne clears up for a bit but ultimately, it makes your face worse!" i want the tan, it is of a priority about as high as getting rid of acne.

So.. what do you recommend..

Do i use an spf 15 moisterizer on my face?

Should I even be using BP the days I'm at the beach and outside? (is it irritating if so?)

Should I go ahead and not start the Regimen on my back until I've got tanned?

Or should I start the Regimen on my bacne now, and tan while on BP?

of course if i dont do anything about my bacne in the two weeks until I go to the beach, I will be sort of hesitant to show my bare back when I get there.

That's why I'm leaning towards treating my back in the meantime, but nothing seems to work on it w/o using the Regimen, and i'm holding back on doing that because I don't want to bleach my clothes, etc.

Btw a lot of my bacne is red areas that don't rise much from the surface, they get disquised when I get some sun smile.gif

Please help, thanks!

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These are very individualized questions pertaining to your own specific genetics and tolerance to above mentioned stimuluses.

In my own personal, and what I beleive to be logical opinion is that tanning itself (Sunlight) isn't bad for you at all.

It is the burning that causes harm and damage.

Tanning is a healthy adaptive response with many benefits to health.

However, with the use of BP, your skin is going to become even more sensitive and thus vulnerable to burning. So......

Yes use a spf of at least 15 or more depending on how long you are going to be out in the sun, because the increased BP sensitivity will even it out somewhat and will average it out.

I would go ahead and start the Backne treatment only because I myself am not worried about having over aged skin on my back.

I think the back can take a lot more (punishment) if I can use that term, because overall it is exsposed to weathering conditions to such a far less degree.

You are the only one who is going to be able to reckognize and take according actions when you beleive your face is going to be hitting it tipping point and become a burn.

With intelligent effort you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Enjoy, good luck and have fun.

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