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Almost off Minocycline and need advice

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I started breaking out with mild acne back in Oct and now, after going to the derm for the first time in Jan. and being perscribed differin and Minocycline, I'm getting off Minocycline. Right now I'm 100% clear. I'm worried that I will start breaking out again. I'm also on differn and an acne wash that has worked really well. The best improvments in my skin were after I started using the acne wash, the clogged pores are even almost all gone. Anyway, I'm only on 50mg of Minocycline a day so do you think that after I go off the meds it will make any difference with my skin?

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Why are you going off of it? If you are 100% clear, you should stay on it so that your skin stays clear. Mino worked great for me...the only reason I went off of it was because I developed horrible joint pains from it.

And what acne wash are you using?

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Yes, why are you going off?

I was on it for a year and a half at 100mg a day. I was absolutely clear for the year and a half and it was great. No side effects whatsever. I stopped using it only because it stopped working for me. My advice, stay on it for as long as possible and maybe by the time your body develops a resistance to it, you would have outgrown your acne.

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My doc only perscribed low doses to help me clear up quickly while the Differin and wash kicked into gear. The wash I'm using is some Peroxide Wash she perscribed. I was thinking about it today and I don't think the anibotic really did anything because my skin really started looking better the last few weeks after I started on the wash. It was supposed to kick in 6 weeks after I started using it and nothing happened. I'm also scared to stay on it because it can screw up your body being on anibotics for long periods of time. My health and future are more important to me than my looks. I never had bad acne either, just annoying. Another question. What is adult acne really? I started having problems just a few months ago and I was 17, now I'm 18. Is that still considered adolecent acne?

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