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Hey everyone,

A friend of my mum told her that she had very stubborn cystic acne which nothing seemed to clear up until she stumbled upon an 'acne mixture'. She says it completely cleared her in 3 months - she does not presently have any active acne but has some scarring left over. This is not a commercially manufactured product, rather it is made personally by a pharmacist and is available in her pharmacy (she is an Indian woman who has in part maintained the tradition of making your own medicines). The lady (pharmacist) told me that it tackles the problem of acne internally - something about alkilinising the body, make of that what you will. I like most of you probably thought/think it is a load of crap but seeing as I am always whinging about how life sucks with acne and my mum kept claiming this could work I decided to give it a try as I figured it can't hurt. I have been taking it for around a month now and frankly have noticed absolutely nothing, which is what I expected but will persist for at least 3 months as like I said it can't hurt (and isn't particularly expensive) and I have nothing to lose. The mixture is supposed to be taken in three 15 ml dosages mixed with water prior to meals with each 15 ml consisting of:

Zinc (amount not specified)

Calcium (97mg)

Magnesium (112mg)

Diphenhydramine (4mg)

Nettle (amount not specified)

Anyway will keep you posted if I notice any affect but I seriously doubt it will do anything. Also wondering if anyone has ever heard of anything similar to this as I know I certainly hadn't.

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