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Josh 87

New regimin.. mums skin beautician put me on..?

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Hey.. she's not a derm, but heres what she's got me doing:

I'm getting a high 30s % strip once a week for 4 weeks, and shes given me this green stuff, smells funny, I have no idea what its called.. Something to do with collagen in the red spots.. That I put 4 drops of into my face, then moisturize (all after cleansing).

What do you think?

I curently watch my diet, any reflections on this by the way: I eat bananas, apples, water, brown bread rolls with sprouts, lettuce, tomato and a meat (chicken, beef, lamb etc) or tuna. Soups, little milk or yoghurt (Maybe half a litre a week). No junk food, except for the occaisional brown bread hamburger from the corner store, which is pretty much just brown bread, lettuce, tomato and a beef patty.

I have light acne across my face, moderate a long my jaw. I'm pretty clear on my forehead.

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Oh - and my mum reckons I should take this Imedeen stuff she takes - look it up on google. Its a girls product :) (who cares) but its supposed to be good for your skin.. its not an acne product.

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