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Accutane finally worked for me!

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Hi everyone--

I've been so effing busy with work and school and stuff that I signed on today for the first time in...um...maybe a month and a half...

I am coming up on my 20th week, but I'll probably be on for, like, 25 weeks... but my skin is clear--basically! Yeah, you heard me--CLEAR! I mean, I have red spots aplenty and some little scars, but nothing my wonderful makeup can't handle. The other day someone actually told me my skin was glowing--I teared up! the reason I am writing isn't to gloat--sorry if I am--but just to tell you accutane did work for me. I had (for those of you who don't know me) one of the worst initial breakouts ever.... HORRIBLE cysts and whiteheads all over my cheeks. My derm started me on 80, then upped to 100, then finally to 120, which i have been on for 2 months now (A high dose for my weight--125lbs)... I also went back on chinese herbs, and the 2 together worked wonders.

So how is everyone doing? (frankie??)

Happy long weekend,


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Guest <*>

I'm on my 11th day. Had a bad break out on about the 5th day and it is starting to clear slowly I think. My skin is not dry but my lips are quite dry. My spots are drying up and flake off after a while.

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Guest Craigems

HEy lexi welcome to the clear club biggrin.gif i know its been a battle for u... glad to see you have made it.

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I am so happy for you. I was starting to wonder what was going on with you. I am glad to hear that you are finally getting some positive results.

Nice to not always be thinking about your skin eh? That's great.

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thanks for all your help through all of this (craig, patience, franks, antony, etc)...

and yes, it is super-nice to not worry (as much, i mean i still worry about red marks) all the time... (if i get the guts, i might want to post before/after photos)...

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It's Sexy Lexi day! I missed u girly! I was sure that you were off doing clear-skin things now, and was worried you forgot about the boards! I knew you were cleared up, something just told me you were.

Congrats, lovey- I am so happy for you. I told you it would take time! I am just.. so happy to hear from you. The red marks will fade, too. Seriously they will vanish one day..and that will be such a beautious day. lol

I'm still on and off with things- No tane yet, upped my retin a micro to .1% (Week 2 of that)

Anyway girly- It's awesome to hear from you, especially being happy and positive! Yayyyyyyy! Holla back, youngin'.

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