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Peels... should I go somewhere or do them myself ?

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I am so tired of these red marks and I plan on finally doing something more aggressive to get rid of them. I want to get a peel done but have no idea where to start. I am afraid of doing it myself and permenatly burning my skin. I would rather pay a professional to do it for me. I live in Miami and am pretty sure that there are a lot of places that can do this since Miami is where the "beutifull" people play. Anyone have any tips or what I need to get this done ? About 99% of my marks are just spots and are not ice picked spots. I began using Nivea for men lotion with spf15 to keep my spots from darkening. I also stoped using any meds which will make my skin more sensitive and started drinking tons of water. My skin is doing better now without meds then they were with meds.... incredible. Thanks for the help

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Hey LMG.


Need a roomate?!

This is going to be the major center of my focus as well.

I would Read the entire threads on the glycolic peel threads.

I have, and I now beleive I am going to have some very heart felt changes.

I have just ordered a Glycolic Peel from "Pure Demmings".

Since these products are only used once a week(Acid Peel) and every other day (Intense gel), these seem to really be the top of the line in their industry.

So I have no qualms (yet) for paying top dollar for the foundation of my Skin care goals.

Put the time in and get a view point from everyones perspective on this subject.

This is invaluble!!!!

It is actually very simple.

Using the 30% Glycolic Acid Peel once a week begining with an aplication of 1 to 1.5 minutes, and increasing the duration by one minute each week up to a total of 6 minutes.

Further along you could also increase the % upto 40-60.


There is also the use of baking soda to nuetralize the acid application when done.

Also paying attention not to bombard your skin with anything harsh immediately after your peel. This is new and sensitive skin....treat it as such.

Great Luck!

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I've never gotten good enough results with any peels other than tca's. I would definetly NOT go and get it done professionally...it's basically pointless and they charge you an arm and a leg.

If you read the directions and do a spot test, you shouldn't burn yourself. I went to the derm and had a salycilic acid peel that cost me 100 bucks and it had no effect whatsoever. I now do TCA peels every week at home and get excellent results.

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Since my peel on Friday the marks on my forehead are gone! Also the ones on the rest of my face are slightly diminished. Though these are my individual results and everyone is different. I plan to go to 2.5 to 3 minutes with the peel on next time. I'm excited for more treatment. biggrin.gif

-I'm using 50% glycolic acid from skin-wizard on Ebay.

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Awesome Jeremy!

I am excited as well to try it.

Was that your first peel?

Hey Girl, what is this TCA you speak of?

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you to can the Glycolic Acid Peel yourself to be honest.

When i got mine last week, or the week before... i did 3 in about 10 days. Im doing another one later. Does it really matter if you do more than once a week? I think it made my red marks go quicker. I had no itchyness/redness or peeling at all though. Maybe i should try 50%.

Still have TCA but im too worried to use it.

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