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I am so tierd and i need help

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Hi i am so tierd of acne i can live whit it any more i cant go out

i cant look my self in the mirror i used to be the guy that gott lots of girl

but now i cant even gett a 60 year old taransexual

i gett so mad some times over acne that i lose control and smash somthing to bits what can i do please any thing

i heard about somthing called acutane whats that??

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and you also can't spell for shiznit, lol. acutane is a medication prescribed by your dermatologist. it's suppose to clear up server acne cases in months; its known to be one of the best medications out there. if you feel that you have tried everything maybe you should give acutane a shot, it just might work for you ;]

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heya shwedish mob!

I'm currently on Accutane, as many other persons posting here and there on this forum

if your acne case is quite severe, there's no other options, to be serious

you must consult your dermatologist, if your're a female, then you will be examined more thane males (me)

nevertheless you must check up your liver and blood fat levels monthly - this powerful drug operates on fats and can significantly f*ck up your cholesterol

hang on there and give tane a try...

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With the right amout of $ ANYONE can get a 60 yr-old transsexual.

You're going to be ok. I'm tired too, and I'm almost 30!

Try accutane, do some research, etc. Buck up, lil' Swede!

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Guest agentx

ahaahahahhahahahahaha man i cant stop laughing ... dont mind me laughing cuz my case is prolly more worse then u. I came to this forum and did 2 months of HARD HARD research on accutane ... do some research ... ask the derms etc ... did you take any medicine till now?

And ... do post your pic online so we can know what ure talking about ... if u can that is. Nothing to be ashamed of ... all of us are here to help.

Accutane WILL cure u ... it does cure 85-90% of the people completely.

If you lie in the other 10% which is hardly unlikely ... then ermm ... nevermind that .. it wont happen ... i came to this forum and i was so depressed ... i could still get a transexual lol but ... still.

Anyway do the research and take accutane ... im getting better ... you will get worse first but thats just the path to clear skin

CheerS! and live ON!

P.S if u wanna see what depressed looks like ... read my post with the topic " I give up "

That was about a week ago ... and i feel so good today ... i know my skin will get worse again but i know in 6 months with the help of God ... i WILL be clear.


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no more no less - agentx said it to the point!

I was dating girls even with active acne (frankly, they weren't misses universum though, but never mind ;-) )

just don't feel too shy with your skin

an take Accutane of course ;-)

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