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I've recently started getting breakouts again. I get 2-3 GIGANTIC acnes on my forehead (only on my forehead though i don't know why) now and then. They're usually the big, painful ones which last for at least a week before they "die off". eusa_wall.gif My T-zone is considered really oily but my cheeks are not oily. My nose area also have stubborn blackheads that NEVER goes away no matter what. Considering my current skin situation, which cleanser suits me? Should I use cleansers with BP content, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid?


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I would reccomend a light cleanser such as Purpose Cleanser and I would also recommend some kind of drying solution such as benyzol peroxide which could be Zapyzt or Clearasil Ultra then I would recommend a moisturizer maybe Olay Complete for sensitve skin.

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Thanks for the recommendations.

[josephstephens2004 -- Is Purpose Cleanser BP based? thanks]

I'd still like to know if a salicylic acid or glycolic acid based cleanser help with large, red pimples? ...Or should I stay with a 2.5% BP based cleanser? (I'm using proactiv cleanser right now but I still get some large pimples)

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