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My regimen for a long time now has been as follows:

every morning & night:

clean & clear blackhead clearing scrub

clean & clear continuous control BP wash

and occasionally i would apply neutrogena on-the-spot on problem areas at night. i think im not getting that clear because im using the blackhead clearing scrub everyday & your not supposed to use scrubs everyday from what i've heard...

well my acne has been kept under control from this regimen and has cleared up somewhat. but im not getting the results i want and i want it so i wont have to wear makeup all the time. my acne is still mild to moderate. i just want a better regimen. just a few days ago i bought Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque since (from what i've heard) its a really good products. i used it once and i like it.

as for my regimen, i dont know what products to use & i dont know what products will work real well. in a bunch of magazines i've seen pHisoderm and this astrigent called SeaBreeze... are those any good??

Can you guys give me some suggestions on what GOOD products that i can use in my regimen. you could even suggest to me some actual regimens that you have used that have worked real good. Thanks. smile.gif

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I use this, I've only been using it since last night though. I have pretty mild to moderate acne as well and it definitely got rid of the red spots on my skin. The acne hasn't really gone anywhere yet, but as long as I'm not getting any new acne, I think I'll be fine with using this for a while.

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heres what i have been doing:

AM: wash with baking soda, kirks castile exfoliating face wash. apply lemon juice and egg mask. wait 10 mins. apply kirks castile acne gel and neosporin.

PM: wash with kirks castile exfoliating face wash, apply pure simplicity neem pore refining face mask. wait 5 mins. apply kirks castile acne gel, mama lotion and neosporin.

thru-out the day i also use the pro-active oil blotting sheets. they are larger and work better at absorbing oil than any other sheets i have tried, including johnsons.

right now i have no active acne but i do have 6 brown spots. they are however faded. the mama lotion, lemon juice and neosporin seem to be helping them to fade alot faster . i just started the neosporin a week ago and thats when i started seeing the spots fade really fast. the mama lotion helps too as it expedites skin shedding.

since kirks castile products are 100% natural it has helped my breakouts a great deal. for some reason the products with chemicals in them irritate my skin horribly. this stuff is great however.

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I take Boswellia, although I'm not really sure if it helps yet. I wash with Oxy BP wash morning and night. After my face drives, I put on clean and clear dual action moisturizer with .5% SA. Seems to be working fairly well. My pores are a lot smaller than they used to be. You can't really see them anymore.

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wel why don't you go to the derm and get some prescriptions that really will work?!

here's my regimen:


wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser

apply clindamycin gel


wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser

apply differin gel

take ortho tri-cyclen lo pill

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