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I just joined, but I have been watching these board for a year now. I did Dan's regimen, but it was painful and I quit. I do not have oily skin, but it is not dry either, so most products intended for acne are too drying or too oily. I have tried everything (I love kits) from Proactive to Murad. Nothing worked. Dan's regimen was close, but I was way too uncomfortable. I have done alot of research into SA and GA and I really think it has its place in acne care for people with combo skin. But, I also think bp has a place too. So I bought EVERY over the counter, drug store product I could find and began experiementing. I am happy to report that I have found something that is working FOR ME. I am not saying this is going to work for anybody else, but it is fairly cheap and I wanted to share it. I found that sticking with products from the same line tends to be more effective. Anyway, I am clear now (I had mild to moderate acne since 18).


Wash with Neutrogena oil free wash (the one SA!!!!) It is the creamy wash, not the gel one. It comes in the DARKER yellow tube. Wash with your hands only and pat dry.

Tone with Neutrogena blackhead eliminating wipes (circlular plastic jar, like stridex) with 2% SA

Moisturize with Neutrogena combo skin moisturizer - I wait until my skin has completely dried (a few minutes)

*If I have a nasty blemish forming, I will put Dan's bp over the blemish before moisturizing in a thin layer.


Wash the same as morning (I will sometimes rub hard with just water after I have washed off the soap or use a washcloth to make sure I get any dead skin cells laying around, but if I do I wash lightly again for about ten seconds)

Tone the same as morning

Dan's bp over places I usually tend to have problems (whether I am clear or not). Wait to put bp on until the SA is completely absorbed (like 5 or more minutes)

Then I add neutrogena rapid clear SA to spot treat - It is a gel and I am very liberal only over existing pimples and rub in. I then wait a minute for the gel to absorb and I put 10% oxy pb over the existing pimples and SA. I do not rub the bp in; so I have white spots everywhere. I let it dry and if I remember; I apply moisturizer. Sometimes I will moisturize around my around the white spots. Then I go to sleep on my back (which I hate); then if I need to turn on my stomach - I make sure my white spots are dry and turn over.

Be careful, though, I have ruined many pillow cases. But now that my skin is clear, I don't use the 10% bp and I don't have to worry. It did not take long for this to work. I have been doing this for awhile. I will let you know if I start breaking out again, but so far so good. I know it might seem like alot, but it does not take me long in the morning and about 12 minutes at night. smile.gif

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