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Jen when did you have the procedure?

Is it the linear scars that look wider, I am a bit confused.

Congrats on your engagement btw. Try to enjoy this time!!

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babe, you just got engaged-- someone finds you beautiful enough to marry and (ostensibly) spend years and years with.

inside and out.


However... perhaps that doctor was "laying ground" for following dermabrasions. I know that's a miserable idea, and probably nothing that a reputable doc would do, but if the holes look "wider" then perhaps he's trying to blend down the edges, and this is an interim phase.

How long ago did you have it?

It has to be pointed out that dermabrasion is not all about "sanding down" the skin-- it is about stimulating the collagen and realigning the fibroblasts. This has been proven in dermatologic testing, micron microscopes, et al. Perhaps your collagen just hasn't kicked in?

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Huge congratulations on your engagement. Love is more important than perfect skin.

If your dermabrasion was less than, oh, about 3 months ago, my big advice to you is to leave your skin alone as much as possible. Even though you don't like the way it looks, don't go overboard with touching it or trying to use harsh products to make it look better. Be gentle and give it time to heal. Use really good sunscreen and wear a hat. I know this is so hard--try not to look in the mirror too much. If you feel like you just have to do SOMETHING, call and make an appointment with Dr. Y for 3 or 4 months from now. If you still think you are seeing big problems at that time, roll yourself on down to New Orleans to get some advice and some peace of mind. If things are fine in a couple of months, call and cancel the appointment.

I wish you lots of happiness with your husband-to-be!

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