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I currently go to a tanning salon about a couple times a week. Often use like a tingle if anybody knows what that is. Any have lately been using a moisurizer I bought from the salon. It gives me some color, and can help my acne, but is no permanent solution and I still break out (seems more lately.)

Couple questions:

Do you think this moisturizer I use will be fine? It's called hempz moisturizer, pretty normal.

And is the tanning a good or bad idea while on this regimen? I dont like applying so many things to my face because it aggravates my skin. But I still would like to try this bp regimen.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

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terrible idea to tan and do the regimen while trying to fight acne. esp dont tan your face. it will make it so difficult in the long run

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Yeh I head the sun exposure with benzoyl peroxide will discolor your face due to the heat exposure hitting the chemical and not the skin cells.

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Well, tanning really isn't good for acne at all... Hate to say if, but for the sake of your acne, it's probably wise that you drop the tanning sessions... Perhaps try a self-tanner instead?

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BP will not discolor your face if you tan, but it will increase your sensitivity to the sun so setting your facial lamps to a lower exposure is important if you are going to keep tanning. If your bed does not have facial lamps that you can control, you should decrease your session time by a few minutes to see how your face reacts with the BP, gradually adding back the minutes slowly so that you don't burn.

The Hempz moisturizers do not contain mineral oil but does contain other oils so you may want to see how your facial skin reacts to it. Since it is not an after tanning moisturizer made for the face, it might be too heavy. You could always try out one of the facial tanning lotions and use it as an after tan lotion also. However if you are going to follow the regimen then using one of the recommended moisturizers is best. You can apply more after tanning if you wish.

Many people see good short term results with tanning beds clearing their acne, but the long term results show that it is only a quick fix and will often cause worse breakouts in the long run (this is for people who were using exposure to light as their primary acne control). If you choose to keep tanning, I would definitely find a good regimen that you can use to keep your acne under control.

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I did it a while ago. I wasn't using BP at that time though. It did help with my acne, or so it seemed. It blended them in nicely. It also helped my back a lot too. I only went for 10 mins though, I never went over 10 mins. what is the time you are currently doing right now?

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Tanning is not as bad as every one makes it out to be.

It is a natural response to an outside stimulus.

Your body creates the melatonin or whatever it is in your skin that gives you a tan.

Its nothing different than exercising a muscle.

Your body will adapt by having the muscle grow larger, stronger.

However, the problems do arise when overtraining occurs.

A point at which the bodies natural ability to compensate in time and in proportion to the stimulus being introduced to the body that problems of a negative nature begin.

With muscles its called over training. When the strength, integrity, and size not only come to a halt, but may actually, and in some cases begin to atrophy (become smaller, weaker).

As with tanning. A tan is a healthy response to the sun or stimulus.

But there is a point where "overtraining" occurs with this stimulus as well.

A BURN!! Causing a break in the skins integrity, and possible signs of premature aging etc.

There is only one second difference between stimulating a healthy tanning response, and crossing over your bodies current ability for adaption and becomes a negative, a burn.

Be inteligent. And definitley start slowly.

Each person, determined by their genetics will be able to handle different levels of exsposure for different periods of time.

Its up to you to guage.

When in doubt, always cut it short.

Because some products do increase the skins sensitivity, be sure to take this into consideration when judging appropriate times.

For instance, you might even want to consider using a low spf on your face to balance the timing of exsposure for your whole body.

In fact I would actually reckomend this.

Your face will still be able to adapt (tan), but now you have control over the stimulus to some degree in favour of the long term health of your skin.

Tanning is a healthy response.

Burning isnt.

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