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I was on bp back in the days when I had only a few spots in college and stuff. I dont really know how well it worked, all I know is that I was on it for a year or two and sometimes I felt it was helping my acne, sometimes I felt it didn't. I always used it everyday tho. But my acne really wasnt that bad. Since its been getting worse, I didnt even know there were so many prescription products out there. But my doc told me to ditch it and has informed me that there obviously are better precription products and we have to go through many of them before we get to the one that probably works - accutane!

Im currently on differin and tetra, but I still am keen to use bp in the mornings sometimes when my spots get a little out of hand. And for some reason I think it still works! I remember initally using it when my acne was beginning to get worse, so maybe it had stopped working then.Thats when i went to the doc. I mean I feel it does work 25 percent of the time on certain spots. I have to be honest, sometimes I ve had a spot or spots and bp has done a magically vanish job on them, but guys the stuff isnt brilliant, its just otc shit. For people with little acne, it would probably help. If you feel your problem is quite back, head to the docs.

I started on panoxyl bp, now the level percentage didnt really matter to me, but it was quite strong stuff, I felt it worked at first cause it sort of seemed to burn the spots away. But I think after a long time my skin got used to it, like a lot of products do. Strted on the other oxy bp (in the purple tube), this seemed a bit weaker, smelt funny too, but suppose it does the same job.

Now heres a sort of skin regimen I used to do this when I had spots and wanted my face to be as clear as possible for either a date or something like that, this would never fail:

I used to put alot of BP on the nightbefore

In the morning i didnt wash my face, I just went in the shower

Have hot shower, let face dry naturally and wow

Th regimen just does something to your face man, no joke, it sort of steams it clean and the bp already makes your skin look clear and flawless. Try it, it worked for me. But dont too it too often cause it fucks up your pores and skin. Weird I know guys, but hey we all have experiences and that. whatever works best you know.

Just thought id share some of my experiences. Take care guys

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